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Low budget dinner for 20

I cook twice a week for a youth program I run and I love it. My budget is $50 and this recipe sounds perfect. What I am not fully understanding is the 8 layers of phyllo. Can you explain this to me? I'm trying to visualize it and it just isn't working for me :o)

Also, can you post a few of your meal menus that you are able to maintain your budget? I would love to have extra for the youth to make desserts.

May 04, 2011
socallmewren in Home Cooking

japanese grocery

Thank you everyone - I am actually a personal cook and one of my clients has requested onigiri. Having never made it or any other Japanese dish I want to make sure I get the right ingredients and have a great selection of onigiri. I will definitely try the day trip to J-Town and Pacific Mall.

CSA farms that deliver to GTA?

I use Wholearth Farms from Hastings. Incredible meats and produce. I have been a member of this farm for 4 years now. She drops off in GTA and Toronto. The meats area all organic and heritage breeds...makes for much more flavour and richer textures. The lamb doesn't leave that strange scent some people may find offensive. Definitely a must-try.

japanese grocery

I am new to Toronto, living in High Park. I am looking for a good Japanese grocery that I can get reasonably priced foods. I have been to "Things Japanese" on Harbord but looking for more food oriented shops.