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I Need a Cachapa

So I am wondering if anyone has had any luck finding a cachapa in Philadelphia? It's Venezuelan and it's amazing. It's like a sweet/savory corn-omelet filled with cheese and...depending on your tastes, meat/veggies. I checked out Sazon's (10th and Spring Garden) menu and they have arepas, but not cachapas. I should probably call over there to see if they do cachapas...but in the meantime, is there any other hope for me finding them in Philly? Thanks!

Oct 21, 2010
lawofmurphy in Philadelphia

Organic you-pick fruit strawberries within 1.5 hours of Philly

I drove past Springdale Farm in Cherry Hill, NJ yesterday and their marquee advertised "pick your own" strawberries. I have no idea if they adhere to organic farming techniques, although that's a complicated process. I.E - Many farms that don't have organic certification actually use stricter organic rules than those that do in SOME cases.

But yeah, might be worth looking in to.

Jun 03, 2010
lawofmurphy in Philadelphia

Dallas Observer's 10 most overrated Dallas restaurants

Yes...sandwiches and salads are very good. The bread is the best I've had in the city.

My question was what made them overrated to you? Is it something specific?

DFW - Pizza Dough

You're just better off using Peter Reinhert's pizza dough recipe. Delayed fermentation is the way to go. Creates an amazing pizza every time.

Dallas Observer's 10 most overrated Dallas restaurants

I'm wondering what you find overrated about Eatzi's. I'm not saying I disagree completely...I haven't really been impressed with their prepared section. But I think they have the best sandwiches in town....the best bread I've had in Dallas... it something in particular you find overrated or just everything?

10 best things to eat in Dallas

As a Philly native, it's been preached to me over and over again that sandwiches (and frankly pizza/burgers/etc) live and die by the bread/roll/crust. Anyone can get decent meat and spreads (and lord knows, Eatzi's does), but the reason their sandwiches are my fave in Dallas is because they have the best bread. It's that simple for me.

10 best things to eat in Dallas

Well, I definitely haven't been here long enough to have any sort of definitive list. But I can mention some of the more memorable dishes/foods I've had here...

Sourdough Bread - Eatzi's
Quattro Leches - La Duni
Steak Tartar - York Street (I have no idea if this matches/beats others in the area but I sure loved it)
Ancho Chipotle Ketchup - Twisted Root
Cachapa - Zaguan's (At *used* to be great...last couple times they burned it. Oh well)
Smoked Sausage - Marlo's House
Monte Cristo - Dream Cafe (Another *used* to be great...I think they stopped using french toast with it's just toast with powdered sugar.)
Kobe Beef Sliders - Central Market (Best.Bun.Ever...why can't burger places around here give any consideration to the bun? It's crucial)
Lamb Souvlaki - Ziziki's
Bagels + Pizza - My House (Can't find any in the DFW area that can match me sadly)

Need a Rec. for a nice dinner in DFW

That sounds very fun to me LH. It's going on the list. Thanks!

Need a Rec. for a nice dinner in DFW

Hmm, I think it's Nonna...that's what the website says at least.

Nana and it's getting confusing :)

Thanks for the recommendations!

Need a Rec. for a nice dinner in DFW

Oh, and I should also add that neither of us are big wine's more about quality food for us.

Need a Rec. for a nice dinner in DFW

So I figured I should take the gf out on a real date...and I'm kind of stumped about where exactly to take her. I have some general guidelines...

Cuisine isn't really too much of an issue as we're both adventurous. I am, however, leaning towards a more modern American or Italian menu.

I'd prefer if the restaurant were no further south than the Oak Lawn area as we live near Addison.

Price isn't a big deal within reason. But as a general guide, anywhere between a La Duni-York Street price point would work.

The two places I was considering were The Grape and Nonna. The gf said she heard negative stuff about maybe that's out.

Any new suggestions/affirmations on The Grape or Nonna?

Bagels in Dallas

I'm from South Jersey (Cherry Hill, actually...which has something like a 20% Jewish population) ...and have been in DFW for a couple years now. As others have mentioned, the bagels here are pretty poor.

My suggestion would be making your own. It's relatively easy to make a bagel that's eons ahead of anything you'd get around here. You can even do it with bread flour if you have to. Just make sure you find a recipe with boiling the dough...

Best tea source in DFW?

I'll...umm...third the Cultured Cup recommendation. But as a general rule, I think you're probably better off getting tea from online retailers due to selection and freshness.

I use for a good portion of my tea selection...and for my Japanese Senchas.

Best Sandwich in Dallas

Sandwiches are all about the bread...and the best bread in DFW (at least...that I've found so far) is Eatzi's.

I would start there...