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Outaouais - La Binerie Kazabazua

awesome let me know what you think :) I wasnt sure if anybody here ever went in that direction

Outaouais - La Binerie Kazabazua

Up the 105, on your way from Ottawa/Gatineau to Maniwaki and Mont Laurier, right after the small village of Kazabazua , there is a small place called La Binerie that sell (obviously) beans, sand-baked ones.
The lady has been there for more than 25 years, and she is the sweetest person ever (the kind that offers you to pay your bean on your way back from the cottage if you dont have cash on the way up) and her beans are pretty darn good. She has 2 kinds, the lard one and the vegetarian one. I only tried the lard one, they were great, well balanced between the sweetness, the spice, the fatiness and the smokiness. They have just the right texture too, a bit of a bite and then smooth after that.

Voir did an article on her in 2006 http://voir.ca/voir-la-vie/gastronomi...

Anyway if any of you is in that area for watever reason (its a beautiful coin de pays by the way ;) ) I recommend a pit stop there.

CSA Farms

Great news :) Also great response to customers demands through the survey! Gotta give that to them, there customer service is pretty awesome (at least in my experience!)

World Cup venues 2014?

Went to Chalet Amu Jan to watch the Iran-Bosnia game, and I was very happy with the food. The place was packed but they still managed to bring out our food in a reasonnable amount of time. Tried the veal tongue sandwich and the meat cutlet sandwich, both were very tasty (with cucumbers, pickles, sauce etc) and pretty big for 6$.
Too bad Iran lost the game :(

24 juin - Open today?

yes definitely not a day to go wander around town! Even for scones ;)

24 juin - Open today?

I work in Westmount and le Fournil is open today (scones for breakfast!). The metro in Westmount and IGA in Saint-Henri are closed. Café Saint-Henri was open.
Thats how fare I ventured out today :p

Montreal: Poutine and Shish Taouk and Couscous and....

oops seems like there is still some trouble with your post :(

need a suggestion

Cuisine sezchuan or Kanbai? Those sezchuan peppers are really hot and tasty

Openings & Closings April, May, June 2014

Went and tried it today, got the grilled cheese doughnut and it was really delicious. Its a doughnut like bun (no holes tough) with cheese, grilled, and with some powdered sugar and some grilled fresh berries on top. And at 2.95$ +tx I tought it was very reasonnable.
They only opened 3 days ago so they are obviously still figuring out some little things but that shouldnt stop you to go and try it. Im planning to go back to try their more 'classical' grilled cheese.

Restaurants Near the Terrasse Royale Hotel

Les Fougères is still great (went sometime last year and my parents go twice a month), They have a side store now and indeed they sell a lot of frozen and ready to eat items, but I cant say that I noticed that the food quality in the restaurant went down (not that I go that often).

CSA Farms

Yes we made a rule of only sticking to veggies and fruit and nothing else, because if not it gets too expensive for us!! And then we buy everything else at PA to reduce the rest of our grocery costs :p

CSA Farms

Im using Lufa for a basket, they are using greenhouses located in the city for growing their vegetable and also source some items from local farmers. You can customize your basket everyweek (not a lot of fruit so far but a lot of other products (granola, bread, yogourt, etc)). You can also easily skip a basket for a week or more and you pay weekly. Its worth a look if thats something that would interest you! It is a bit expensive, but I find that the quality of the products is great.


Iwaki Jardin

haha OMG I remember the bathroom. We went with a couple of friend and we all had to go try it, it was so bizarre. Also we were sitting on the patio,and from the bathroom you can hear everything that is said from the patio...

The food was great too (it was last year that we went), now Im tempted to try it again!

best in-store beer selections?

Marché Long Vert in St Henri
(4299 St Antoine O, Montréal, QC H4C 1C6)
It has a good selection of beers, specially the ones that come in bigger bottles of 600/750 ml.
The (I presume) owner is nice too, sometime he makes client taste some beers that he has.

Not sure if the selection is better than some other places named here, I dont really go out of my way for beer, but this place is on our way home (so we've been drinking more beer...) So I tought I would mention it!

Shakshuka (Shakshouka) in Montreal

Thanks to you i made the lebovitz recipe last night with my fresh Lufa tomatoes. It was delicious :) thanks for the inspiration!

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

Just got the phone call for the Cabane aux pommes. My reservation got in at 12h03 and I was 200th on the list..

Fugu Coming to Montreal?

love the end note :
“Extensive” renovations are expected soon after the provincial elections which will include a decor with accents and highlights predominately in red or blue – depending on the outcome of the elected governing party.

and Mr T at the end ;)

Cabane a sucre Au Pied de Cochon

I didnt have too much problem, it took about 1 min to load the page at midnight.... Happy i upgraded my internet speed last week, just in time :p

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

A new place opening in may on Notre Dame in Saint-Henri, called Henri Saint-Henri (?!?)

Salted fish bits

was curious what 'salted fish bits' where. Found this recipe while googling:
I guess its a step up from mixing them with potatoes

I love fish cakes... now Im tempted to go buy fish bits too...

Feb 17, 2014
sophie.brunet in Home Cooking

Café Zinzin

Curious, I walk past the RCA on St Antoine every week to go to work and I never knew there was a café in there! They should put a sign up. I'll try to go try it since its on my way, I'll report back to let you know if I end up going!

Le Bremner - review

No recent review on this thread so i tought I would put mine.
We went there this week end, with my parents. The ambiance was perfect for a quiet diner, I was quite impressed with the generous space that is given to each table, no feeling crammed there. The music was also great, not too loud and service was exceptionnal and attentive.
The food was also delicious, we started with some fresh oyster, some jerusalem artichoke dish, tuna sashimi with tahini sauce and lamb heart dish. All were very good, stand-out for me was the lamb heart, which was thinly sliced, and the texture and taste was great.
As mains two of us got the fried quails with homemade ranch, which was my favorite mains, quails were perfectly fried, crunchy outside, moist inside, and debonned except for the leg and wings bones, which made for easy eating with the hands. We also tried the 'hot lobster' sandwich, which was good, but I tought the sauce was a bit too heavy and didnt let the lobster shine completely. And my mom had the salmon with bearnaise sauce and she was quite happy with it, but I didnt get to taste it unfortunately (I guess it was good if she didnt offer to share ha!) We had the sucre a la crème pancake and the chocolat and hazelnut creme/mousse, and the pancakes were awesome, the chocolate hazelnut very good too. The wine that was suggested for us by our waitress was great, perfect to go with all the dishes and pleased all of us.
All of us were all quite happy with our evening there, and I would definitely return. :)

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Thanks I fixed it :)

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

I made a post on the new opening on the Ontario board also.
You're right it is inconvenient a little, since Gatineau and Ottawa are so close, you can easily have a meal in Ottawa and then finish your evening with a drink say in the Vieux Hull... but then would have to search both provinces board to find two places.
Soif isnt opened yet, I think its opening in April. As soon as it opens and that im in Gatineau Ill give it a try and report :)

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I know this board is mainly focused on Toronto, but here is an opening in Gatineau, near Ottawa that might interest those of you in that are in the Ottawa region. I also posted it on the Montreal board, since Im never sure where to put info about Ottawa Gatineau places :


Veronique Rivest the somelière (2nd at the world championship of someliers last years) is opening her own wine bar this april, called Soif, which will be on the rue Montcalm, in the Vieux Hull neighbourhood.

Hope this works out it would be a great addition to the Gatineau food scene.

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

Yes your right, Im always confused as to where to look or post information about the Ottawa Gatineau area , falls in between both board, since the Ontario one is mostly focused on the TO area... Its own board would be awesome :) altough probably would be very quiet...

Opening/Closings January to March 2014

I know this board is mainly focused on Montreal, but here is an opening in Gatineau that I will make sure to try next time Im there :

Veronique Rivest the somelière (2nd at the world championship of someliers last years) is opening her own wine bar this april, called Soif, which will be on the rue Montcalm, in the Vieux Hull neighbourhood.

Hope this works out it would be a great addition to the Gatineau food scene.

Qing Hua (Xiao Long Bao) New Location-St Catherine

There is a lamb one and its really delicious... its lamb and coriander i think. This freezing weather would be perfect to go back there actually... yum!

Quebecois Tourtiere or First Nations meat pie??

That must be a funny/cute photo :) I hope I will still be making tourtiere with my mom when she is 85!

Jan 03, 2014
sophie.brunet in Home Cooking

Quebecois Tourtiere or First Nations meat pie??

haha our tourtières are not ready for a taste test! each year we tweak the recipe a little, but since we have been doing them for only 3-4 years now (before it was my great-aunt doing them for us) we still have a way to go before perfecting the recipe, and since they get done only once a year, progress is slow! But when we finaly get to a perfect recipe, ill share it and then maybee we can do a test :p (in 15 years?) lol

Jan 03, 2014
sophie.brunet in Home Cooking