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Indian cookbook recommendations

Thanks everyone for your replies - some really useful suggestions (particularly OnkleWillie and oakjoan), I'll be heading to the bookshop to have a look at these.

And my lack of enthusiasm for Madhur Jaffrey's book "Indian Cooking" is basically down to the fact that of the many recipes I've cooked from it, none of them came out as tasty and balanced as I'd hoped for, and were not as good as the equivalent dishes that I've had when eating at the homes of Anglo-Bangladeshi friends in the UK (where I'm from).

Lastly, I guess my taste preferences would be for Bengali and Punjabi food, but I'm interested in most Indian cuisine.

Mar 05, 2009
illus in Home Cooking

Indian cookbook recommendations

I'm looking for a good Indian cookbook - anyone got any special recommendations? I've had Madhur Jaffrey's "Indian Cooking" for a couple of years, and I think it's OK, but not great. I've found the spices and seasoning in a few of the recipes often didn't blend as well as I'd like, and that the recipes didn't really "come together" as I'd expect from someone who's regarded widely as an authority.

I'm not fussy about a specific regional cuisine either - a book which features nothing but Bengali food but has consistently good recipes would be far more useful to me than one that tries to cover the full diversity of Indian food and is patchy.

So, opinions?

Mar 02, 2009
illus in Home Cooking