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Boston Hound Seeks suggestions for NW, Central DC

About a mile away from your hotel is Palena right by the Cleveland Park metro. In the main restaurant, its a tasting menu, but they have a cafe with bar menu up front. Everything on the menu is around $10. The fries, roasted chicken, and burger are all great.

staycation lunch spots!

I was there for lunch today too, for the first time. Had the heirloom tomato salad, gnocchi, sausage sandwich and birthday cake. Everything was delicious!!

Oysters Near Ocean Grove, NJ

We will be in Ocean Grove for a night next week, and are looking for a place with a great raw bar and seafood. We have a car so can drive 20 or so minutes away, but the closer the better. Would ideally like a beachy/casual type place. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Aug 19, 2009
lindsayblake in New Jersey

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

Rays the Steaks
Hanks Oyster Bar
Tie- Brasserie Beck for food/Bistrot du Coin for atmosphere
General Store (Colorado Kitchen RIP)
Belga Cafe

Nice Dinner in Rehoboth

My husband and I tried Fins for the 1st time on Sunday night. His bday dinner at Back Porch is next weekend, but we made a last-minute trip for the holiday weekend too..

We tried Fins based on the reviews on this board and were not disappointed. The oysters were really good, and I got the Grilled Halibut in lobster cream sauce, which was really fresh. My husband had the cioppino which was also good.

Thanks to you all again for the great recs...

May 26, 2009
lindsayblake in Mid-Atlantic

youthful French restaurants in DC

Central would be good, and I also like the Belga Cafe.

Nice Dinner in Rehoboth

Wow, Thank you all for the great recommendations! I think we are going to go with the Back Porch.

May 21, 2009
lindsayblake in Mid-Atlantic

Nice Dinner in Rehoboth

I will be in Rehoboth in 2 weeks with my husband. It's his birthday so I'd like to take him out to a nice dinner. Do you have any recommendations for the best food/atmosphere in the area?

I was thinking the Back Porch but now I'm seeing mixed reviews. We are open to any type of cuisine.



May 14, 2009
lindsayblake in Mid-Atlantic

Sushi Taro - utter disappointment

That is a shame since Sushi Taro really did fill a void in the area. Even though the last time I went, I waited 45 minutes for my sushi entree while my husband was served his chicken teriyaki about 10 minutes after we ordered. When my husband was done eating and I asked the waitress where my sushi was, the manager came over and said the sushi chefs were backed up because all of the Americans order sushi. It was really rude and the whole experience left a sour taste, but we did return just because there are limited local options. In my opinion, before it had a nice casual atmosphere, and I think they are just trying to rip off their American clients after seeing the success of next-door Komi and the tasting-menu trend.

Quiet DC restaurants w/character for in-laws

You might also want to try the Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle. Very quaint and charming atmosphere, although the price range may be mid-high.

8 Days in Italy in July- Rome, Florence, Venice

My husband and I are spending 3 nights in rome, 3 in florence and 2 in venice in July.. It will be first time there. I understand this is a touristy time of year to go and we definitely want to avoid traps, so I want to plan ahead and make sure we going to the right spots. We are in our late 20's, and costs aren't really an issue, although we tend to like low-key charming places that aren't very stuffy or formal. It seems as if a place is in a guide book, its already going to be overhyped and touristy, so I was hoping to get some recommendations from you all.

We are staying near the Piazzo del Popolo in Rome, near Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and in Dorsoduro in Venice. We will probably want to be by our hotel 1 night, and venture into different areas (hopefully walkable) the other nights. We are not picky eaters (although quality is important) and really want to get an authentic feel of the areas. Thanks.

Mar 02, 2009
lindsayblake in Italy