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Does The Finger Lakes area have ANY good restaurants?

If you are interested in going slightly out of your way, you should check out Good Luck in Rochester.

They should be able to accommodate your party, as long as you make a reservation ahead of time. Food is excellent. Depending on what time and day you go, it can get a bit loud, since there's not much in the place to dampen the sound, though it is an otherwise very well-designed space.

Another option is their sister spot, Cure at the Public Market. I haven't been yet but have heard excellent things.

The Revelry has been the latest hotspot around here and I've been for drinks and appetizers, but not dinner yet, though I plan to. Word on the street is that the food is good and appropriately priced.

Vegetarian friendly recs near airport?

thanks for the recs. unfortunately, due to all the rain, we weren't feeling all that ambitious about trying to find our way around as we were completely soaked through between leaving the arena doors and getting to our car. we ended up resorting to lameness and eating at the hotel. i do hope to make it back to philly for a proper visit and to check out your recs!

Apr 18, 2011
nerdchick in Philadelphia

Vegetarian friendly recs near airport?

My self-preservation instincts tell me I should plead the Fifth!

Does it help that we're coming from Rochester and we love great food? ;)

Apr 14, 2011
nerdchick in Philadelphia

Vegetarian friendly recs near airport?

Coming to Philly this weekend and never been. Travel-mate is vegetarian. Looking for recs near Embassy Suites Hotel or hockey arena. Not looking to spend too much. Interested in dinner and brunch recs and/or best threads on this board. Thanks much!

Apr 14, 2011
nerdchick in Philadelphia

Rochester, NY - Sakura Home?

Anyone been here? Your thoughts? I hear it's under the same management as the Plum House, which is decent, but am still looking for my "go to" sushi place.

Thanks ...

Niagara Falls, NY area Super Bowl spot, good food

i'm not that familiar with what's around the niagara falls or lewiston area, sorry. but, given that you're still in the general buffalo area, i imagine that sports bars are pretty easy to find.

if you want to come farther in, there's always duffs for wings. the good news is that new york state has been smoke-free in its bars for some time now. good luck!

The Social, East Ave, Rochester NY

Not yet, but yours is the fifth or so recent recommendation for the place. So perhaps i'll make that my next new place to try. I'm a bit reluctant about the noise, however! How are they on vegetarian dishes? My most frequent dining companion is a vegetarian ...

The Social, East Ave, Rochester NY

I finally made it to Social just this past week. I haven't been to the location since it used to be Riff's (that's like two names ago, right?)

I really enjoyed it -- since moving here from NYC I miss tapas restaurants, and have always felt a little led on by "Tapas" (which I do enjoy, but such a misnomer!). I thought the food was excellent. My friend and I ordered four dishes -- the pomme frites (Cindy, I got a good chuckle out of your post about them being just fries!) which were quite tasty with the aioli (my fave!); the endive & shaved pear salad; lamb lollipops (ooh, so tender!) and the crab cake. We were so full, we sadly had to pass on dessert though I was really jonesing for the apple fritters. My only complaint about the place was that it was too loud -- the music was turned up and the acoustics made all the chatter in there equally loud and annoying. It was very difficult for my friend and I to converse without shouting.

Lento - Rochester, NY

just popped over to the website to check it out. too bad for gusto's. i haven't been -- is the review accurate?

Lento - Rochester, NY

Anyone else been here yet? I went a few weeks ago with some girlfriends on Thursday night which is their "Vegetarian Night," though their regular menu is also available ( They apparently serve foods that are local and I think most, if not all, of their ingredients are organic. The chef is pretty creative and the dishes all sound delectable on the menu. However, I was a little disappointed in my homemade pierogies. I love bechamel sauce but this one was a little too heavy and the pierogies seemed slightly overdone (though, perhaps I unfairly compared them to an old favorite recipe I used to dine on in NYC). The warm salad also sounded better on the menu than it tasted off my plate -- I'm still trying to pin my finger on what I didn't love about it. I snagged bites of the flan (heavy on the goat cheese) and quiche (of the entrees we had at our table, I think I liked this best), but all of the food seemed extremely rich to me which is weird since I can usually eat rich foods without a problem. I thought the food was good, but for the price, not Great. For the prices they have, I want something stupendous. I did however love the upside down pineapple cake (which came with a sprinkling of pomegranite seeds) - so to that, I give kudos. The coffee was a bit on the weak side.

One of my girlfriends is a vegetarian so she loves it here since there are so many creative dishes as opposed to the "standard boring fare" that most of the other places around here have, so I'll probably be going back. I'm curious as to what other people think and if they have dishes to recommend. I'll give any place a second chance.

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

max can be very good. there was a bit of a lapse while their chefs changed, and i had one bad experience there. recent visits have been very positive though.

my new favorite italian place is panzari's, over in the corn hill neighborhood. it's at the end of the market/plaza next to nathaniel's pub or whatever it's called. prices are reasonable, the food is delish.

there's a new thai place that opened in the corn hill landing complex across the street -- has anybody been there yet?

since my last posting, i have checked out magnolia's, and was quite pleased. it's on park ave and oxford and has classic fare like sandwiches and salads and such. apparently their pizzas are pretty popular, though i stuck to a panini, that quite hit the spot.

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

for chinese, haven't been in a few years, but i really enjoyed the china gate, in henrietta, on jefferson road. it's a sit-down place, nicely done inside. not too greasy.

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

for indian food, my new favorite is thali of india (i used to be a strictly india house kinda gal), in the win-gate plaza, corner of jefferson & winton, in henrietta. it's really easy to get to off the 390. even the buffet food is phenomenal, for prices you can't beat.

abyssinia is a great ethiopian place right downtown near eastman. the food is delish. (the rocwiki mainpage also has a link to local restaurants, and you can peruse those reviews) i've heard the food at dashen is good as well -- a hole-in-the wall place usually inhabited by ethiopian men, but my friend swears by it. i have yet to compare.

speaking of holes-in-the-wall, paola's has the best burritos to be found locally. i believe the owners are either mexican, or mexican-american. it's kind of hidden -- there's a weird little "plaza" at the intersection of south ave and rte. 15-a. it's neighbored by a chinese place and a mr. shoes pizza.

for greek/mediterranean, i recommend sinbad's on park ave, alexandria's on east ave, or the olive tree on monroe ave (


for something a little more upscale, tapas, on st. paul, is usually a good deal -- i'd say the best way to describe it is latin/asian fusion.

fetta-chini's in the village gate (across from the memorial art gallery) is good, but a little pricey. it's, italian/greek, if you couldn't guess.

i second the above comment regarding 2Vine. way overpriced for mediocre food.

also, love, love, love the king & i for thai.

for dessert, you must check out phillips european in henrietta.

charlie's frog pond is another good choice on park ave for "gourmet diner" food (and my personal preference over jines, which is right next door) or, if you're in town for brunch, go and have their banana pancakes, just for the syrup.

i have heard good things about cibon (paninis) and magnolia's (noodles, salads, etc) as well, also on park ave, but have yet to try them.

i am planning on checking out el pacifico (in farmingdale) this weekend, rumoured to have good mexican food. i'll let you know!

happy chow!