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Help! Corn flour (ground maize) and polenta and corn bread

Johnb and paul j
many thanks for your replies. I have American recipe books and have been wondering about what I have as flours vary so much. I do know the difference between your Cornstarch (cornflour UK) and maize flour colour is different anyway. Will try the polenta recipe and experiment. I have had cornbread from Louisiana and red beans which was wonderful so I'm looking forward to it. Molasses!? Germans don't know what this is! So I have to keep my supply up when I visit the UK . Beet sugar molasses its different just not the same.... Many thanks I've been very confused about this subject.

Mar 05, 2009
chunkycheese in General Topics

Help! Corn flour (ground maize) and polenta and corn bread

Please note that: Corn meal is not something readily available outside the USA when answering this question.

I would like to make cornbread and any other recipes...... what subsitute should I use for Cornmeal? I can get fine yellow Corn flour or course yellow polenta? Any good?How is polenta cooked i.e. like cous cous? This is a little confusing for the British as these flours are not basics in our cooking?

When I lived in the UK I could get Masa Harina for tortillas and tamalas but Germany!? Lacking in a few basics like dark brown sugar and translation can be a problem too ..... but were striding on!

Thanks for any advice

Mar 02, 2009
chunkycheese in General Topics