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Longbranch Saloon - Berkeley

Cool. The old Longbranch. Yes, it extended to the corner. Next to it was an old time bar Stans Golden Gate? Was sort of a hangout for musicians during breaks.
Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel weekly together for a dollar. Grayson St. Also occasional touring acts including blues legend Sunnyland Slim. Great music and some of the worst beer I have tasted.

Chicago on a budget, please!

Hi. Native Chicagoan and longtime SF resident. Great suggestions already. I would suggest a drink and some appetizers at the Frontera Grill even despite your reservations. Nothing like the fast food at Macys in Union Square and truly exceptional. Also fr a Chicago experience very different than anything you will find in Northern California check out Greektown. Maybe the Parthenon.Feel free to ask me for more SF advice on Chicago things we simply don't have here

soft shell crab

I remember that year. Did a music gig with the legendary Alan Tousaint of New Orleans and it turned out his family owned a place called Pookies in Oakland. Great food. Like in NOLA. Yes, I know. I have lived in the South and made films tehre and spent much time in NOLA

What's open in Berkeley area for dinner today?

Looking to see what is open for dinner in the Berkeley-Albany area today? Rather than just drive around I was hoping some people have ideas or knowledge already...

Need a place for a great steak with vegetarian options

How about Lark Creek Steak. Always at least one vegetarian entree and lots of good sides.

Lark Creek Steak
845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Gluten-free Donuts

Mariposa makes donuts which I think are available at the Ferry Building kiosk. I like Mariposa and the donuts are pretty good. Not the best donut you have ever had but they are GF...

Gluten free in SF?

Yes, check the links. But wanted to mention Mariposa Bakery in Oakland. Also have a kiosk at Ferry Building in SF. Great place.

best hamburgers and milkshake in sf ?

I will also suggest Bill's Place. Very good burgers. fries, shakes in a very traditional burger joint place.

Bill's Place
2315 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Soul Food options in Savannah?

I agree. Clarys has a good Southern style breakfast. Both locations.

Tres Agaves - worth going for tequila only?

Actually having lived and travelled in mexico for 40 some years, most of teh so called jaliscan food in teh bay area, is not very represenative of what is typical in jalisco. Tres Agaves makes an effort to be authentic.

Tres Agaves Restaurant
130 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Tres Agaves - worth going for tequila only?

Tres Agaves has wonderful tequillas and the food is unique. Jaliscan and quite good. Their monthly tasting dinners on teh the third thursday of each month are wonderful. And for you Giants fans you just might find some players after a game...

Tres Agaves Restaurant
130 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107

3 days in Savannah

I would say that either of Paula Deen's restaurants ( including Uncle Bubbas) are worth trying although I thing they are overrated. It is possible to get an excellent meal at either one. I second the recommendation for teh Firefly cafe and to Garibaldis. I find Elizabeths on 37th to have slipped but it is worth trying. The resraurant ( 700 Drayton) and bars at the Mansion at the Park are quite good. Sweet Potatoes is a good southern breakfast and lucnh spot as is either location of Clarys. Also try the Breakfast Place on Tybee Island. Cha bella at teh foot of broughton is a nice place with interesting dishes. Try J. Chrostopher or the Soho Cafe as well. Molly MacPhersons is a good bar with decent bar food.

outer richmond eats???

Lots of good suggestions. I would second the recommendation for Ernestos as a comfortable Italian choice. I have eaten there for thirty years and it is always consistently satisfying. It was a frequent weeknight choice when i worked in that area. Bill's Hamburgers is also consistently excellent.

Sushi recommendations for gluten free diner

Looking for recommendations , especially in the North Bay, East Bay, or the City for sushi restaurants that have gluten free menus or menu options or will work with gluten free dining requests. I know about the usual resources and bringing wheat free soy sauce, but I am looking for personal experiences and recommendations.

memphis / tunica trip

Excellent suggestions. Interstate, Cozy Corner, Paynes.
Try the Barksdale for breakfast in Memphis if that works with your schedule.

Savannah Restaurants?

For southern type food try Clarys for breakfast or Sweet Potatos at any time. Uncle Bubbas is a better version of a paula Deen restaurant and much less crowded. Loal 11110, Noble Fare, and 700 Drayton are all good upscale restaurants. Firely is quite good, J, Christophers, Soho South are fine as well for breakfast and lunch choices. Zunzis Express is quite good. Screaming Mimis for pizza and subs. Molly McPhersons is a nice place for a bar meal or a good freiedly local bar feel place to get a drink. The bar upstairs at the Mansion at the Park is an excellent bar.

The best of Memphis, TN

Barksdale for breakfast, Cozy Corner, Paynes, Interstate for BBQ.

Quick breakfast in Savannah Historic District

Firely and Express are good choices as is J, Christophers. Not far away and typically Savannah is Clarys on Abercorn.

Beaufort, Savannah / Charleston help

I would suggest Local 1110 or Noble Fare in Savannah or Garibaldis.

What do New Orleanians eat in Savannah?

Glad you like Local 1110. I am glad I remembered to recommend it. A Vida must have closed in the 10 months since I was there. Agree about Vinnie Van Go Gos. Much better pizza at Screaming Mimis on Habersham.

What do New Orleanians eat in Savannah?

After two and a half years in Savannah and a lot of time in No I mus say there is no comparison at all. There is wonderful food all over NO and not much in Savannah. Some comments: The Saphire Grill is fine, Not exceptional but fine. Garibaldis is in a similar category. Elizabeths is over priced and nopt as good as it should be. 700 Drayton at the Masion at the Park has better food as does Local 11110, A Vida can be excellent and is as a consistenly good as Savannah gets. The Olde Pink House is allright but over rated. The Crab Shack is fun but the food is mediocre. The Breakfast club has excellent breakfasts as does Clarys. Il Pastichio is consistently good. Screaming Mimis has better pizza than Vinnie Vann Go Gos and excellent subs.

Savannah Honeymoon Dinner

Just spent two and a half years in Savannah. My strong recommendations of the places you mentioned is 700 Drayton. Cha Bella is a good place but wouldn't recommend it for a honeymoon dinner. 700 Drayton is nice and there is an excellent bar upstairs for a drink or desssert with good jazz on weekends.

Need Recommendations : Visiting late-March/Early-April

In Memphis- try the Interstate or Neeleys for BBQ. The Rendezvous is good as well. Also Paynes and the Cozy Corner are excellent. the Barksdale is an excellent breakfast choice. In New Orleans cafe du Monde is wonderful. Mothers for sandwiches. the Central Cgrocery for muffaletta sandwiches. And check out Bayona on Daughfine if you want to splurge.

Willie Bird?

having lived in the North Bay for 25 years, most of that in Santa Rosa,I have conflicted feelings about Willi Bird. The turkeys and deli are great. Bought a wonderful turkey there for Thanksgiving this past year. The restaurant is just okay- fun in an old fashioned diner way made better by excellent turkey, good turkey soup, and an easy location. Just always leave feeling that its too bad that wonderful turkey wasn't part of an better meal. Good place for a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Stellina, Point Reyes Station

Wow. I am surprised. At least about your comments about the service. I have had dinner there twice recently with a ffriend. Both times the food was excellent and the service was fine. I agree that their policy of charging for water that isnt very good needs to be changed. If it tasted good....

Papas' Taverna - Petaluma CA

So does anyone have any reasonable Greek alternatives to recommend? Especially in the North Bay? I know about and have been to some in the Sf and know about ones in the South Bay but having just recently returned to the Bay area I was wondering if there were any in the North Bay that I had missed?

Berkeley Gluten free and dairy free dining options?

Hi, Thanks. I should have been clearer. No dairy really means no butter/ghee or any traces so vegan it has to be. Thanks.

Berkeley Gluten free and dairy free dining options?

Two old friends both just returned to Bay area. Because of logistics we would love to find some options for various meals in and around Berkeley. One of us is quite a carnivore- and one of us has to have both gluten free and dairy free options-although he is open to eating fish and poultry. Any recommendations from causal breakfast through all the other obvious meal choices would be much appreciated.

Papas' Taverna - Petaluma CA

Sad to say its always been mediocre for all the years I can remember. Which is too bad because I would love to find even a "pretty good" or "average" Greek restaurant in the North Bay but Papas falls short in my opinion

gluten-free in SF

I agree about Zadin. As a newly diagnosed celiacs sufferer, Zadin was a miracle to find. an't wait to go back! I had given up on ever eating Calmari again....