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st. lawrence market price fixing

has any one noticed how the prices of some items are consistently outrageous for all the vendors at the market. for instance, 1 yr old piave cheese, at $58/kg for all the cheese mongers at the market, while only $38/kg at grande cheese. and 3 osso bucco steaks for $35, far more than at butchers outside the city centre. not competitve pricing at all, just convenient variety for urbanites . . .

Feb 16, 2011
gEnio2 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What's "Not To Miss" at St. Lawrence Market (and nearby)

the st. urbain's bagels at the market are definitely sub-par and inconsistent, though to give them some credit, maybe 40% of the bagels turn out okay. the true montreal bagel is not at all gooey . . . maybe a bit chewy, but only gooey if undercooked. at the st. lawrence version of the montreal's st. urbain's bagels (and this is coming from someone who subsisted on bagels alone for over four years in a row) the bagels are often gooey in parts . . . but the most frustrating thing is that almost half are malformed. at st.viateur's bagels in mtl, my fave, the bagels were always nicely formed, with an actual hole in the middle, not scrunched or crumpled or otherwise misshapen as are the ones made by the careless and not so skilful proprietors at the st. lawrence market . . . so say i . . . any agreement out there???

Mar 01, 2009
gEnio2 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)