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Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

That in itself would merit a visit from me. My last trip to Curries N More, the waitress/hostess was doing everything from sitting people to bussing tables. Busy that evening too. At one point she started crying... Not a good experience. Luckily for me i got take out again.

Max's Harvest: Farm-to-Table/Slow Food Coming to Delray's Pineapple Grove

The back patio/bar is wonderful on a cool summer night.

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

I got take out. Their dinner portions are small. This little Asian was very hungry afterward.

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

Curries N More.... I found the place to be lacking. Portions were small for the price. My lamb vindaloo had very little lamb in it but the curry was pretty tasty. Their Naan SUCKS!

Khana Kh'Zana is a truly GREAT Indian Restaurant in Coral Springs

I'm curious too. I've been dying for good indian food in south palm beach.

Boca Raton-Del Ray Beach Restaurants?

While i've been in and eaten from Max's Harvest numerous times, ive never actually sat down to eat in the restaurant. friend of mine works there, food is great. Really busy on weekends now that its season. Never been to DIG so i can't comment.

Jan 28, 2012
itsacrazyasian in Florida

bamboo fire--delray

Darn, should have let me know i would have joined you. BBQ'd goat sounds amazing.

BTW i posted about Ben's because i briefly perused through the "bad" section of the restaurant violations list. Surprised Ben's was on there because its across the street from my shop and i used to eat there quite frequently.

bamboo fire--delray

I can't believe Ben's Deli in boca got a total of 25 violations!

Coral Springs-Argentine

I'm surprised that others haven't commented about this restaurant. A good friend of mine brought me there (he's Argentine) and i was absolutely in love with the food. The same gentleman brought me to The Knife in Sawgrass but i liked this place much more and the price was very reasonable for the quantity and quality of food.

Jul 07, 2009
itsacrazyasian in Florida

Bizarre foods in South Florida?

Ya know being Chinese, jellyfish duck feet, tripe and small intestine were always a weekend enjoyment for us. Though i never quite got used to blood pudding which is odd because i love Argentinian blood sausage. funny actually because i'll eat some of the more exotic south american goodies.

Wonton and soba noodles?

I have searched and searched. I haven't had a good bowl of wonton noodles since i visited NY and HK. Plus i've been dying to try some soba noodles.

Any good places around Boca/WPB/Ft. Liquerdale?

Or a place to buy soba and sauce?


Jun 25, 2009
itsacrazyasian in Florida

Looking for Good Chinese Resturant in Boca Raton

Silver Pond, or HK city bbq. My parents and i eat there all the time. There used to be another great place down in tamarac for dim sum but it burned down a while back.

Aladdin Cafe, Thai Basil in Casselberry?

I wish i had more to tell you but i haven't been there since i left orlando 4 years ago. I really miss living there.

Mar 02, 2009
itsacrazyasian in Florida

BBQ in Ft. Lauderdale

I've had pretty good luck with Mississippi Sweets in Boca.

new to university of miami

Try Titanic, its a little microbrew but with pretty darn good food. Its a few minutes away from the UM, don't ask me the addy though, i was just passing through.