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Where can I purchase Pork Belly in South Miami?

The whole foods in south miami usually has it, but it is most likely frozen. Call ahead to make sure. I've gotten pork belly there twice. If you want a large chunk of belly to roast make sure that you specifiy that as I had someone cut it without asking there, leaving me with two seperate pieces

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

thanks I'll check it out

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried Chocolate Fashion so that goes on the list. Bagel Emporium is in the regular rotation and its good, but I'm not the biggest fan, though I can't put my finger on why. I haven't been to Deli Lane for breakfast in years either, maybe I'll give that another shot.

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

So I think that I've tried most of the weekend breakfast options in the above mentioned area what I want to know is am I missing some great spot. I'm looking for a place that will keep the coffee mug filled and a good scrambled egg dish. Lots of places fit that bill but most seem to have serious flaws. Burger Bob's is pretty small and the service can be slow. Gables Diner is too expensive. I'm not looking for a fancy brunch at the Biltmore, just a good place to spend a weekend morning.

Jake's Coral Gables

Does anyone know what the new menu looks like? Price range?