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"White Castles" in Kansas City area...wha happened??

not even 15 years ago, there seemed to be White Castle restaurants everywhere in the Kansas City, "poof," they are all gone?

What happened?

Someone mentioned that (locally) there was some sort of business relationship between White Castle and some "Church's Fried Chicken" franchises, and they all went down the tubes together, for some reason....don't know if that is true or not...?

Migas in the Kansas City area??

Hi everyone!

A dozen or so years ago I wnt to school in Austin, Texas and fell in love with a Mexican egg dish called "Migas." I think it is a form of scrambled eggs, done a special way with particular ingredients and such.

Now I am in the Kansas City area, which is full of incredible restaurants....I have a feeling there is at least one place around here that has migas, but am yet to discover that restaurant!

Any suggestions?