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What to serve with thomas kellers winter squash and mushroom gnocchi

perhaps something with oranges for the salad, and adding some chocolate to the meyer lemon tart would work.

Jan 24, 2010
saralynn77 in Home Cooking

What to serve with thomas kellers winter squash and mushroom gnocchi

Making a special dinner for a special man in my life. I've psyched about the parisienne herbed gnocchi, and would like to serve it with a salad, and a dessert. I really love lemon curd and was going to make that was a pate sucre for a simple tart, but I'm having doubts about the mushrooms not playing well with the lemon. Any suggestions for both the salad and the dessert?

Jan 24, 2010
saralynn77 in Home Cooking

Package to be sent to some cross-country touring bicyclists

Ronda! Chase talked to me on the phone after you guys gave them a ride- he was just gushing! They are wonderful, wonderful gentleman. Thank you for being so welcoming.

Oct 02, 2009
saralynn77 in General Topics

Package to be sent to some cross-country touring bicyclists

I have some friends that are 5,000 miles in on their trek from oregon. they just came to see me in virginia and are now headed back out west. I want to send them the coolest care package ever, which obviously includes delicious bike-friendly foods. If you have any ideas, food or otherwise, to help make this a reality, I'd be so happy, and it will make their day.

Check out their blog at

Sep 25, 2009
saralynn77 in General Topics

Favorite Quinoa Recipes

ooh that sounds scrumptious. i was considering making home-made sriracha this weekend too. hmmmm

Sep 16, 2009
saralynn77 in Home Cooking

What to make/serve for Oktoberfest?

O h we're also have a celebration for oktoberfest! sadly the homebrew won't be ready in time, we weren't thinking ahead. :( Heres the kicker, one of the couples coming is vegan.!.

I'm planning on roasting some veggies for them, and soft pretzels sound doable vegan-style, but jeez, what else?

Sep 15, 2009
saralynn77 in General Topics

Favorite Quinoa Recipes

Chris and I recently got back from Peru, where we stayed with a village leader at amantani island, which is on lake titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.

We got their rediculously delicious recipe for vegetable quinoa soup, and as soon as I am done translating it i'll post it here. We also have a ton of quinoa to go through, so I thought I'd offer up the question for your personal favorites.

Oh, and a little trivia - quinoa is not a true grain, it is actually botanically related to swiss chard and beets.

Sep 13, 2009
saralynn77 in Home Cooking

Soon: The Blackberry Farms Cookbook, it will cost a lot less than one meal

What do you think this cookbook will be like? What is the food that they serve? I think it may be a contender for my bulging bookshelves.

Sep 09, 2009
saralynn77 in Food Media & News

Traditional Drinware/Cookware

Kuminabe—stackable, handle-less metal cooking pots from japan.
the french ramekin
the french gratin

One peculiar example of a slotted spoon is used in the traditional absinthe ritual. In the beginning of absinthe preparation, a special absinthe spoon helps to flavor the cocktail. The spoon holds a sugar cube above a glass while the preparer pours cold water over the sugar.

Sep 04, 2009
saralynn77 in Cookware

Traditional Drinware/Cookware

Thanks for the support nofunlatte! I'm always excited to start a new project, and this one is definitely a learning experience. There's actually very little information to cull on the internet, so I'm going to have to rely on the vast knowledge of foodies such as yourself.

As a geographer, do you have suggestions for the layout of information? it seems like a lot to put on paper.

Sep 04, 2009
saralynn77 in Cookware

The many uses of romesco

On my day off yesterday i opened up the absolutely amazing the new spanish table and quickly cooked up both the scallops with pistachio vinnaigrette and the shrimp with romesco. we were so full i could just manage to bake the lemon bars, forget about the sopa de ajo, which i had originally planned on being the main.

Anyways, the romesco sauce, i made a ton. ive used it to spread on sandwiches and to eat with eggs. Any other creative uses for this delicious leftover?

Sep 03, 2009
saralynn77 in Home Cooking

Traditional Drinware/Cookware

Hello! I am an artist who is interested in drawing a compendium of drinkware around the world and then also cookware, and perhaps even utensils, which would be ridiculous and probably quite large. Depending on how many unique items I find and determine to be true representations of that country's (or region within a country) cooking and drinking, I may make a sort of map set.

I am reaching out to the chowhounders with all of your unique knowledge within the world of cooking. I will start the list with some items that I have some knowledge of.

Indian cookware -

* Chakla-Belan
* Chimta
* Degchi
* Haandi
* Kadai
* Katori
* Masala Dabba
* Pakkad
* Parat
* Tandoor Ovens
* Tava

Spain's paella pan
Danish Ebleskiver pan
Asian bamboo steamer
French terracotta bread crockpots

Drinkware -

The porron - The Spanish glass drinking vessel, similar in function to the bota, with a narrow pointed spout which in theory directs a spurt of wine into your mouth and often in practice stains your shirt. It probably originates from Catalonia.

Germany's Boot of Beer

I think these prints will come out awesome. Thank you for lending a hand!

Sep 03, 2009
saralynn77 in Cookware

Food Idioms

I have more that are more eating/cooking related.

To eat one's heart out.
Everything bu the kitchen sink.
Eating out of one's hands.
With a grain of salt.
to Leave a bad taste in one's mouth.

Sep 01, 2009
saralynn77 in Not About Food

Food Idioms

clotilde's zucchini and chocolate food blog covers translations of french food idioms. now, i'm interested in compiling a list of english ones. If you have any idea how it originated, that would be awesome, too.

My list -

cool as a cucumber
the whole enchilada
apple of my eye
cream of the crop

Ready, go!

Sep 01, 2009
saralynn77 in Not About Food

What's your favorite free food to be served before a dinner at a restaurant

I was having a discussion on this topics with some friends at a seafood restaurant. Many people say freshly aked bread, but I find its too easy to fill up on. My personal fave is still warm sweet potato chips. While in peru, we always got oiled corn kernels which were pretty good too. Thoughts?

Jul 15, 2009
saralynn77 in General Topics

Tata's Restaurant Review - Wallingford, CT

My boyfriend and I live less than a 5 minute walk from this Cuban restaurant, and after reading good reviews of it here on chowhound, we decided to check it out last night.

We arrived around 5:30, to see the place pretty full. They have about 12 tables after their expansion. After perusing the menu, we decided on the chicken, shrimp and chorizo dip for an appetizer, I ordered shrimp mofongos (fried plaintains in a garlic sauce) and he ordered red snapper. They were out of snapper, so he reconsidered and ordered the spanish-style pork chops.

This is when things start sliding down hill. Our server returns to let us know that they are out of chorizo, and would we like kielbasa? We assumed they were talking about a spicy kielbasa, so we said yes. When we received our app, it was most definitely the polish kielbasa you get vacuum sealed for about 3 dollars a pound at the store. Not great.

Onto our main dishes. My mofongo was simply dripping in oil, and the fried plaintains had become mushy. His pork chops were sinewy and over-cooked.

After eating, we waited forty-five minutes for the check. I had to get out of my seat to ask for it. When we received the check, we were overcharged. In the two hours we were there, our water glasses were refilled but once. The worst part about our dinner was the service. And paying forty dollars for it.

I was really hoping for a good experience here, after the good reviews I had read. It's too bad it didn't work out that way.