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What rice goes with gumbo

Where do your store your Magic Roux Powder ? And what exactly is the receipt if you don't mind telling. I love Roux but have been afraid to try to make it.

Apr 19, 2011
gpwood in Home Cooking

Nasty Little Treats

Guilty-------------add pepper, garlic anad onion

Jan 21, 2010
gpwood in General Topics

Ten Most Favorite Sandwiches

Please describe:
1. Banh mi dac biet - Banh Mi Saigon, NYC
2. Horshoe - Springfield, IL
5. Paratha kabab - Chicago, IL
6. Falafel - Palestnian friend's resto in Chicago, IL
8. Torta Milanesa - Taqueria y la Fonda Mexicana, NYC

Jan 21, 2010
gpwood in General Topics

Big Daddy's House, why did we watch

Because the food is good!

Feb 27, 2009
gpwood in Food Media & News