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CSA's Any Thoughts or Opinions?

The CSA to which I belong (Full Circle Farm in Sunnyvale) is a little pricey, but honestly, that's not the point. I like the Iron Chef challenge of getting a basket full of produce that I don't pre-select. It's kind of fun to make new things--who knew one could come up with so many recipes for kale and kabocha squash??? I also really like the idea of supporting a local farm (especially since our community worked so hard to have surplus school land diverted to this use instead of 54 high density houses smack-dab in the middle of a single-family residential area). I'll gladly pay a premium for a CSA program any day!

Suggestions for Pre-Ballet lunch/brunch ?

Help! Taking Mom to the ballet this Sunday and need suggestions for lunch or brunch nearby. Most places I've yelped are only open for dinner on Sundays. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!