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Anyone hear anything about O in Marda Loop?

I went last Friday, and I agree with the consensus here that it is just plain bad. Firstly, the decor is really off putting, and I will never understand the need for restaurants to feel like they have to provide TV's so I can catch every minutes of every sports channel while I am out dining?!?
We sat at the bar for drinks to start, really awkward to sit there as there are so many chairs crammed into the space. We ordered overpriced drinks, any my friend had to wait an extra 10 minutes to get hers. I guess they are still working out the glitches.
We were seated in a booth on the far wall, which was nice, I wouldn't have wanted to sit at the long dining bar.
We were greeted by our server, who looked like he was barely 13. Obviously his young age meant that he didn't have much experience serving, so I didn't expect much. He did his best, but he was just too inexperienced to provide a good level of service. We ordered the lobster nachos to start, which were really disappointing. They were very cold, right out of the fridge apparently, and the lobster was absolutely tasteless. It just tasted cold and salty. Their attempt to spice it up with jalapeno was all you tasted. It looked like there was something mixed with the lobster, but I sure couldn't taste anything.
I ordered the AAA steak thing on the menu. My vegetable too were glistening with oil, and the barbeque sauce they used was so overpowering and grossly sweet. Maybe it would be fine if you liked that sort of thing, but it really turned me off and I couldn't finish the meat. The jalapeno cornbread was okay, and the coleslaw was the best thing on the plate.
Really, it's the first restaurant I have been to where I wanted to complain, and say that it was just plain bad.