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Best texas food in Dallas DFW area?


Don't forget that there is a Cuquitas on the NE corner of Josey and Valley View. I assume it's the same folks as the old Henderson spot and the Richardson store.

Is it okay to plot the demise of my smooth top range?

Yes it is OK to plot the demise of your smooth top range. I lived with one for 8 years because we lived in the country and did not have gas. About a year ago we moved into town and I bought a nice 8 year old Thermador gas range. The house that came with it was pretty nice, too.

As far as its demise, I think I'd start with a 22 ounce framing hammer. Hit it in the very center first. If that does not work, try a 5 pound sledge hammer...

Aug 06, 2008
birddogfoodie in Cookware

Korean BBQ (Dallas)

Ummm, where are you?

[DFW] Best Place in Dallas to get a Michelada [DFW]


Taqeria Cristina on Webb Chapel @ Royal makes a pretty good one. They know what you are talking about when you ask for one.The waitress was sort of suprised that I knew what a michelada was and would even order one. I am quite gringo-ish...
I don't remember what they charge for it but it was not much. It is of the style with more hot sauce and less tomato juice (if any). I have not watched them make it but I have seen a bottle of Maggi on the counter...

If you go on the weekends they do a pretty good barbacoa de boreggo and my wife digs their migas.



Non-corporate coffee in Carrollton/Addison area

Dunn Bros. looks pretty corporate to me.

A quick google search shows that it is going to be tough finding non-corporate cofee in the area. There has to be something but I don't know the area that well.
I'm sure the coffee lovers on the boards know of something though.

Ideas for Dallas, with kids and without

What part of town?

Dallas Italian

Two Guys From Italy
11637 Webb Chapel Rd
Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 247-6814

Just south of Forest Ln on the west side on the street. Parking in back.

Charlotte Airport


Thanks for the info. I may have to give it a shot. Know of anything in the airport that is "local"?

Charlotte Airport

Greetings Chowhounds,
I have about an hour between flights from DFW to Munich on Saturday. Help me find something worth eating in the airport so that I can skip the in flight slop service on Lufthansa. If you have a rec. for something to sit and eat and something I can grab for the flight in case I don't have time, I'd appreciate it.



2 days in Bavaria. What's in season and what's a must have?

I just know I'm going to love it there...

2 days in Bavaria. What's in season and what's a must have?


Thanks for the info! I don't have a problem with sausage in the morning. I think I can eat anything at any time of day. I will be on the lookout for chantrelles and strawberries!
I'm looking forward to the great beer.

Do you know if beer gardens in small towns are open on Sundays?

2 days in Bavaria. What's in season and what's a must have?

I will be in Bavaria (Isny im Allgau) Sunday and Monday of next week. Other than the beer, what should I try to eat while I am there. I'll have half of Sunday on my own and Monday in meetings. What should I seek out while I have time Sunday and what should I order if I see it on a menu Monday. Is there anything great in season now?
Also, any "don't miss" beers in the region? What is a typical Bavarian breakfast? Anything I should bring home with me?

Thanks for your advice.


Suckling pig in Fort Worth area


El Rancho Supermercado has whole and 1/2 pigs as well as sides of beef and whole goats for sale. I would bet that you could get them to order one for you. I think there is one in Arlington. I don't know about Cowtown though.

Best Sandwich in Dallas

It's east of Wycliffe, at Douglas I think. About the 4200 block. There is a Binzwanger Glass store across the street. I think they close at 15:00. Try the original or the super (same as original but with more meat and cheese.) They have other po-boys like roast beef, pastrami and tuna but I can't tell you anything about them. For nearly 30 years (did I just say 30 years?) I have had nothing but originals or supers with a bag of fritos...



I was going to suggest the Kolache Depot also. I lived near Red Oak for nearly a decade and was thrilled when they moved into the old TCBY space INSIDE the Exxon Station on the north bound side of I35 south of FM 664/Ovilla Rd. They are what you are looking for but I don't think they are as good as those in West, Tx.

Apr 18, 2008
birddogfoodie in Texas

Best Sandwich in Dallas

I second(??) The po-boy at Antones. I was amazed to find them. I remember eating at the original (I think) near the Astrodome in Houston. They started franchising about ten years ago and they have never been the same. The one on Harry Hines reminds me of those days when the sandwich was made ahead and sat in a bin while the flavors "married".
I intentionally took Harry Hines instead of Stemmons to get somewhere today so that I could have a "super" for lunch...

Best Sandwich in Dallas

1. The # 5- Corned beef, pastrami, and tounge with russian dressing and coleslaw on it.
Cindi's NY Deli on Forest just west of Marsh Ln.

2. The meatloaf.
Central Market on Lover's

3. Bahn Mi (fill in the blank)
La Me

4. Pastor Torta
La Azteca (a carneceria) on Webb Chapel

5. Cuban at Jimmy's

Lunch at O'hare help.


Feb 07, 2008
birddogfoodie in Chicago Area

Providence suggestions.

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I just didn't ask the right questions the first time.

Providence suggestions.

Thanks for the tip on the cab. I'll try to keep it nearby. Any suggestions for Portuguese? A great burger? Local beer? Local dish that you can't get anywhere else?
Also, what about clam chowder? Is there a good bowl available that's not at a tourist trap? Or is it like coming to Texas and looking for a bowl of chili? Here at home, the only good chili is made in somebody's home kitchen (like mine) or at a chili cook-off. It is nearly impossible to find a decent bowl in a restaurant.

Lunch at O'hare help.

I'll be at O'hare this Sunday at lunch time. Can anybody suggest a hot dog stand (or anything else) in terminal 3?
Thanks in advance!

Feb 05, 2008
birddogfoodie in Chicago Area

Providence suggestions.

I'll be in Providence for training Sunday through Thursday of next week and need some help, please. I've searched the boards for recommendations and have some ideas. I'd like to have Portuguese one night and it looks like I need to have some Italian or at least a wood fired pizza. I'll be on an expense account but I can't really "go overboard". So, as much as I'd like to, I need to stay away from the really high end places.
I'd like to get a taste of what the locals do for a quick dinner out during the week. Is there any "don't miss" things I should have? Any local "institutions" that I need to experience?
What Portuguese places can you suggest?
Which Italian or pizza place?
I'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Warwick and training in Cranston if that helps. I won't have a car but can take a cab.
Thanks in advance.

Fun restaurant in Frisco? Help!

Just had lunch to day at the Caribbean Cafe on the west side of Preston just north of 121. It's in the same center as Bennigans.
We both had sandwiches (Cuban and Shredded Beef). Both sandwiches were good. They have a fairly extensive menu with lots of beef, pork and seafood dishes. They also have a full bar and appear to make all of the "Caribbean/tropical" cocktails.
I'm sorry, but I did not pay attention to the prices of the other dishes but the sandwiches were $7.00 to $8.00 including fries. They could have been a little more generous with the fries but they were good, thin and crisp.

Spirits for cooking.


Dec 15, 2007
birddogfoodie in Home Cooking

Spirits for cooking.

Hopefully this won't get moved to the Spirits board... I am going to re-vamp my "pantry liquor cabinet". Can I get some recommendations for the following spirits? (as well as anything I've missed). I have a pretty good bar but I don't think I need to use "the good stuff" all the time to cook with.

Orange Liqueur
anything else????


Dec 05, 2007
birddogfoodie in Home Cooking

Cuban food in Dallas?

The Carribean grill on the NW corner of Webb Chapel and Forest has a passable Cuban sandwich, decent jerk chicken and a pretty good goat curry. They also have live reggae on the first friday of every month.
Carribean Pan on Forest (just west of Webb Chapel next the the scary big DENTAL DEPOT) has good curries, stews and meat pies.
A carribean "grocery/gift" shop just opened next to the Carribean Grill. Have not tried it yet but is is owned by the same folks as CG. The sell some hot (probably fries) pies and other "fast" items.

How much to make?


Nov 12, 2007
birddogfoodie in Home Cooking

How much to make?

Several months ago, I volunteered to make some appetizers for a surprise party. Originally, the guest list was going to be about 20 or so people. Now, thanks to E-vite, there are nearly 60 people coming. It will be in the early evening and I am still doing finger foods. I already have a menu, my question is; How many pieces should I plan on making of each dish?


Nov 08, 2007
birddogfoodie in Home Cooking

[DAL] Mole?

I believe Coquitas has several moles on the menu. I have had the ribs in mole and thought they were very tastey. Sort of a pain to eat but tastey none the less.

Oct 20, 2007
birddogfoodie in Texas

Venice recommendations


Sep 29, 2007
birddogfoodie in Italy