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Boot and Shoe Service (aka Pizzaiolo 2) open! (Oakland)

Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach is open now. I had the $18 2007 world competition award winner at lunch. It was okay. Crust was solid, but the pizza was kind of watery and too much cheese. Seems it was like they grated the cheese and spread it all around

Hyde Street Bistro vs. 1550 Hyde

if you want seafood in that neighborhood go to the Hyde St Seafood. Other great restaurants are Zarzuela on Union. I would say they all 3 are casual. I say 1550 if you're only choosing from those two, but if you want seafood go with my rec...if you want alternative and good go to Zarzuela (great tapas place...guy is from Spain)

Pizzeria Delfina II (Fillmore)

this pizza is pretty good, but it's not great. Went for lunch on 2/25. They were out of the good mozzarella cheese for the margherita pizza. The crust was nice, but feel the sauce could be more "tomato ee". I think it lacked some top notch sun ripened tomatoes. All tomatoes from CA. I expect they researched them and tried them out for taste, but don't think they compete with the ones from the Naples Italy area. My friends liked it, but I'm a harsh critic when it comes to pizza. I have spent far too much time in Naples and know when a place is going for "authentic". They should try to put the pizzas on warm plates instead of the usual american metal pan.