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Good Mexican in Destin? Or forget it?

Title pretty much sums it up. Any good Mexican establishments in the Destin area?

Have already tried Cancun, Pepito's, La Paz and didn't like them.

Thanks in advance!

Oct 13, 2010
freebooter in Florida

REAL Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

I'd heard of Benito's before. As we will be staying in the Arcadian Shores area, that ought to be right up the road from us. I should check that out.

REAL Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

Will do. We'll have our laptop, so I won't have to wait until I get home.

REAL Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

Looks to be good. I'll give it a shot!

REAL Pizza in Myrtle Beach?

Hello all,

Glad to find this board. First post here.

We will be in Myrtle Beach, SC next week and if possible, I'd like some recommendations for REAL pizza.

Now before anyone says it, let's just skip over Ultimate California Pizza....

OK, that out of the way, what I'm talking about is genuine NY/NJ style pizza. Is something like that even possible to find in Myrtle Beach?

Please let me know!

Thanks in advance! :-)