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Wedding Review - Liuna Gardens, Cullen Gardens

Thanks everyone! That was some really useful advice and links.

We've finally decided on Cullen Gardens and we're going to have both the ceremony and reception in The Ruins and move into the Loafing Barn if it rains. Anyone have experience with an outdoor reception at Cullen?

There's a tasting at Pelican this week, so we'll see how that goes!

Wedding Review - Liuna Gardens, Cullen Gardens

Thanks for the feedback berbere! I will check out those places too.

Wedding Review - Liuna Gardens, Cullen Gardens

Has anyone been to Liuna Gardens in Stoney Creek or Cullen Gardens in Whitby for a wedding or other event?

I am debating between them for my wedding this summer (under the tent in Liuna and in the Loafing Barn/Ruins for Cullen Gardens) and would love to get feedback on their food, service, facilities, etc.

For Cullen Gardens, I am considering Bunny's Catering or Pillars Cafe and Catering just b/c their prices seem to be the most reasonable and we are on a tight budget.

Or does anyone know of similar venues in the GTA and surrounding area that are a bit "different" (not a "banquet hall") where the reception can be somewhat outdoors? Any info would be helpful!