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24 HR/Late-night dining in Forest Hills?

I work nights, usually get home around 10-11. Are there any late night food spots on austin or queens blvd that i can go to get a quick bite at this time?

Mar 02, 2009
Frankie822 in Outer Boroughs

Sushi Time on Austin St in Forest Hills

Anyone tried the new sushi place Sushi Time on austin & ascan? Looking for a solid place that delivers...

Feb 25, 2009
Frankie822 in Outer Boroughs

Authentic tacos al pastor in NYC?

Ever since returning from mexico city I have been craving authentic tacos al pastor (spit roasted with pinapple). I know there are a few people that have already started questions on this topic but the answers seem to be circa 2004-2006 and I have a feeling that some of these places may not be around anymore. Can we please get an UPDATED version of the best place in NYC to get authentic tacos al pastor?!?

Feb 25, 2009
Frankie822 in Manhattan