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What Happened to EMPIRE Restaurant?

I'm a librarian for Johnson & Wales University in Providence and I'm working on an enormous restaurant menu digitization project. I just came across the menu for Empire Providence and wanted to find out more about it. Sad to hear it's gone. I found an interview with the former owners/couple about the love story of how they met (@ Johnson & Wales University!) and started their venture with Empire: Sorry to hear they divorced. The restaurant that took its place is Bravo Brasserie. I've only had appetizers and drinks there. It's a cute place, but Empire sounds like it was really unique. BTW: The digital archive of restaurant menus can be found at: - I'll be posting Empire soon!

New eats in South County, RI?

I think we may have been at Valuna the same night! We had the same experiences practically - first time we ate there with friends it was divine. Top notch service, delicious food and wine. We popped in a couple more times for a quick bite and it was fine, but the next time we went with friends for a more "formal" meal, it was the pits. Food quality and service had gone way downhill, and I'm pretty sure we had the same waiter. I think they (owners, staff) might be bored with the place. That's what it felt like. Oh, well. Lots more restaurants to try! We haven't tried Cheeky Monkey yet, but it sounds awesome. Love Sienna in EG! Such a great space, and the food is really, really good.

New eats in South County, RI?

Crave is no longer there. A new restaurant opened in January. I can't remember the name...sorry!