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Capocaccia lovers, take note

For years I've thought that this strip needed Pizza Banfi, Rosedale. I guess we'll have to settle for Terroni and Capocaccia's offspring. Interesting. Thanks!

Pizza Banfi
333B Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M5P1R3, CA

Capocaccia Cafe
1366 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T3A7, CA

there must be one good restaurant in Niagara Falls!?

I second AG- delicious food with an emphasis on local ingredients and well-chosen Ontario wines. Highly recommended.

Bars and restaurants serving non-alcoholic beer (and wine)?

That's a good one, thanks!

Bars and restaurants serving non-alcoholic beer (and wine)?

I'm on a no-booze kick until the end of April and am drinking de-alcoholizes beer and wine.

I would like advice on bars/restaurants in Toronto that serve non-alcoholic beer (or wine).

The places I've found so far are: The Keg (O'douls), the Pilot, Jack Astor's and Hair of the Dog(Beck's). Scotland Yard (O'douls). Also, Pravda had one from the Czech Republic, I think, but it's been over 2 years since I was there, so I'm not sure whether they still serve it.

I'd love to grow this list so that I have more options. Anywhere with good food is a bonus too!

Korean restaurants in Toronto?

I quite like Korea House- I'm fond of their kim chi jegae which is pretty traditional. They make their own dumplings and they're quite nice too- fried or steamed. Their side dishes are always excellent and plentiful too- they mix it up a bit.
Korea House doesn't get much space on CH, but for me, it's generally a great place for solid Korean fare.

Tasting Menus - Canoe, C5, or George

I had a tasting menu at c5 a couple of years ago, courtesy of some very generous family members. I don't remember much, but I do remember that the food and service were both impeccable. Perfect, really. I don't remember many restaurants leaving such a high overall impression two years after the fact.

Wine delivery in Toronto

Try this:
It's the online LCBO store. I've never used it personally, but I hope it helps!

Help with prix fixe downtown

I just drove by Tati on Harbord- they had a sign out front for a $25.00 prix fixe b/w Sunday and Wednesday.

Visiting Mexican Chef

Cubmike74, can you report back? There was an article in the Star today on her visit, but I'm on a serious budget and can't go...

Reasonably priced Italian restaurant with great food. Ideas?

I adore Banfi on Lonsdale in Forest Hill Village. They make you feel like a VIP and the atmosphere is comfortable. It can be a bit crowded and you have to wait (no reservations) but they make you feel welcome by bringing you bruschetta to keep you happy (and wine/drinks if you order).
The word I would use to describe Banfi is generous. You can split an appetizer and main course and they plate it for you and don't bat an eye. They're happy to accommodate pretty much anything. They make you fee like a valued regular whenever you go and throw in desserts/coffees/Italian liqueurs at the drop of a hat.

And the food is great! Excellent thin crust pizzas. A super caesar salad. I love the calamari (garlic, peppers and greens). Great pastas. I haven't tried everything, but the things I order most (Penne Banfi, Fettucine Rapini, Calamari, Salads, Pizza Coco- are all great, IMHO.).

That's my 2 cents worth.

Enjoy it if you go, and if you don't, it lowers the chance of a line-up for me!!

Mangia & Bevi - amazing pizza

I have to agree with Red Earth, I'd definitely pop in for a bite, but I don't think I'd rush back.

The food was good (although I can't say the pizzas were better than Pizza Libretto) and the braseola appetizer was definitely a highlight. My friend liked that they served the full spectrum of Italian sodas that are sometimes hard to find.

I think my main complaint is that it feels like a lunch spot (which it is), even in the evening. If they dimmed the lights, put out some candles and set the tables, I think it would make the atmosphere warmer and more intimate. To me this was the main thing lacking at M&B.

p.s. if you go to their website, they have a 15% off printable coupon. I brought one with me and then completely forgot to use it...

Brunch at Amore

It might not be love, but the beginning of a good friendship- I'll definitely go back to Amore after a good brunch experience there today.

I had a frittata with ham, green onion, mozzarella cheese and red peppers. It came with some nice thickly sliced whole wheat crusty bread (toasted) and a perfect size of homemade hash browns.
It was all very good and nicely portioned. It wasn't greasy, which I liked and the ingredients tasted fresh.

My friend had 2 perfectly poached eggs with heaps of bacon, white crusty bread and the hash browns. We both ate every bite on our plates.

The coffee was good. The service was prompt and courteous- our waiter paid attention to our table and could offer us what we needed before we had to ask, even though he was busy.

I've read mixed reviews on CH about Amore, but It was a really solid brunch and I will be back to try some of the yummy offerings like crepes with smoked salmon and their eggs benny (but maybe with smoked salmon...)

Also, the prices were very reasonable- most brunches were under 10 dollars.

Need a T.O. restaurant - cool vibe, great food, 4 can eat/drink for $400 or under

Pizza Libretto- definitely within your price range, delicious and would be good for sharing.
It was full tonight, but Foxley was empty, so you could try one and if it's full, head to the other.

Wednesdays at the Palais Royale

On the advice of Tatai (thanks!) I visited ChocoSol at Dufferin Grove Farmers' Market for some of their Oaxacan Free Trade Organic Coffee for 10$ a pound (and who's kidding who, some chocolate...)
We were chatting with one of the folks from ChocoSol about pay-what-you-can and he said that there is an ongoing weekly pwyc lunch at Palais Royale where some top Toronto Chefs prepare a feast using ingredients sourced from the farmers who sell at the Brickworks Farmers' market.

Has anyone been to these lunches? Any reviews?
And are they ongoing? I found information about these lunches in the fall, but do they indeed carry on through the winter?

Thanks very much.

AG - Silver on the Periodic Table, A Gem in Niagara Falls!

I agree that the food is excellent- I was there over Christmas.
My only complaint was with the service. It was full the night I was there and they were definitely understaffed.

Here's a review i wrote at the time:

What a treat- In a touristy area with a sea of mediocre restaurant, AG stands out above the crowd. The emphasis is on fresh, local ingredients. The food is well executed and absolutely delicious: I had a beef tenderloin that I could cut with a fork. My boyfriend had lamb that fell off the bone. The combination of foods and ingredients was unpretentious, flavourful and well presented.

My only complaint about AG is the service. The servers were friendly and did their best, but there were not enough wait staff and they seemed to lack the training required for a restaurant attempting to position itself as a high end destination. We weren't in a rush, and spent 3 hours eating, but it was obvious that the wait staff couldn't have moved any quicker. Also, there were a few small things- like my tea came as a tea bag and hot water in a cup, not a pot, and our waiter dropped off an amuse bouche without telling us what it was- that detracted from the level of restaurant AG is trying to be/become.
I would suggest improving the front of house to enhance the overall experience, but either way, a great meal.

Price We had 2 $25 dollar vouchers because we were staying at the hotel and our meal which included 2 appetizers, 2 mains, 3 glasses of wine and 3 beers (over 3+ hours), 1 dessert and 1 tea came to a $115 Canadian. a bargain considering the drinks alone in Toronto would have cost well over half that.

1lb of good coffee for 10 dollars?

thanks- I will check out both Kensington and Dufferin Grove- ChocoSol looks great, btw...

1lb of good coffee for 10 dollars?

The recession is hitting me hard and I'm looking for ways to save while still enjoying food and drink.

I'm looking for a Toronto coffee seller where I can get 1 lb. of coffee for 10$. I've been buying at Ideal, where it is around $13 for a lb. (and you get a free coffee!!)
I think this is a pretty great price, and I like their coffee-
but I'm wondering if there is anywhere selling coffee for a bit less.
I prefer fair trade organic.