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Anything worth checking out in Pasadena/Altadena?

Here are my recs for Pasadena:

Euro Pane - great sandwiches
Azeen's Afghani
Connal's - great double cheeseburger combo deal

Azeen's Afghani Restaurant
110 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

1505 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

SGV Chinese Recs

May I suggest Newport Tan Cang Seafood? I don't think it has a bar, but it's about as "full service" as you can get in the SGV. You know, know one of those banquet style places with white tablecloths and big fish tanks with live seafood.

IMHO, going "full service" really limits your options as to all the wonderful food in the SGV. Most med. to large cities will have these types of restaurants. But show me where you can find something like Indian. :)

Umami Burger: our 1st visit

Interesting. I was also there on Sunday night and had the exact opposite experience. The wait staff seemed inept, inattentive and disorganized.

We were told the wait would be 30 minutes, but it was not. That wasn't really a problem so much as the fact that while we were waiting (with our party of 3), two 2-person tables and one 4-person table opened up inside and none of the wait staff bothered to seat us or the other parties waiting (there were at least 2 other ones waiting). In addition, there were several 2 person tables open outside.

Although we checked continually with the staff to remind them we were waiting, they did not seat us or give us any menus. I thought perhaps the open tables were reserved, but they were not.

One couple waiting in a different party got fed up with the wait and left. There was a table of 3 gentleman outside who were drinking beers. We asked them how long it took to get their food, and they said about 45 minutes.

I went inside and chewed the waiter/host out. He said the reason he didn't seat anyone even though tables were open was because he didn't want people to be disappointed with a long wait after ordering. Apparently Umami burgers take a long time to make and "a lot goes into them." I thought his response was ridiculous. It's a burger dammit!

Got fed up and decided to leave when I took a look around the room. 3 empty tables and all the ones that had people had no food. No one was eating.

I'm not sure if it was an off night or there was a problem with the kitchen. But the service seemed seriously jacked up.

I will not go back anytime soon until this place shapes and treats its customers better. There are plenty of other burger places to go to (i.e., Counter, Father's Office, Blue Dahlia, 25 degrees, etc.).

Alternative to Sushi in Little Tokyo

Kokekokko for solid yakitori.

Orochon also has excellent ramen.

Honda Ya has a fun pub-type atmosphere for Japanese small plate dishes. Not top quality, but very reasonably priced.

TOT / Teishokuya of Tokyo has nice selection of good, non-sushi items like oyako don.

Rec Needed for Affordable Restaurant, 8-12 people

archer, silence, westside, thanks for the suggestions!

re: farmer's market, i did consider it. but i was concerned about finding enough seating for 1 big group.

re: reservations, unfortunately i was thinking sat. night. but i didn't want to hassle with making reservations and then calling to revise if some people didn't show or brought extra friends last minute.

Bacon wrapped dog - where to buy dog and bacon?

wow, thanks for all the responses! i'm glad to know i'm not alone in my obsession.

havepixel, i've haven't tried let's be frank yet, but i'll have to check it out.

ceviche, i agree that the more fatty the better tasting!

and LL1, thanks for the tip!

can't wait to try the above suggestions. :)

Rec Needed for Affordable Restaurant, 8-12 people

thanks donna! i'll check this place out.

if there are any other recs, i'd appreciate it just for future reference.

Bacon wrapped dog - where to buy dog and bacon?

Burger, trojans, pepper, thanks for the info!

Pepper, I totally agree that nothing beats that actual experience of buying the dog and eating it steaming hot after a night of clubbing. It's just that ninjas don't club much and my craving for the dog far exceeds the number of times I club. :)

Rec Needed for Affordable Restaurant, 8-12 people

I'm looking to plan a movie night with dinner before hand. The movie will be the highlight of the night, not the food. But of course it would be perfect if I can find a restaurant that is tasty, affordable, casual and accommodating to fluctuations in the size of the group.

These would be the criteria:

1) Anywhere from Koreatown west to 405, bounded by 10 freeway on south, and no further north than Hollywood. The closer to a movie theater the better.
2) $20 or less per person (before tax and not including alcohol)
3) No reservations required
4) Easy to seat 8-12 people at one table
5) Sit down service preferred
6) T-shirt and jeans ok
7) Decent service so we can get in and out on time
8) No Korean BBQ

The only reason I say no Korean BBQ is because that is usually my default choice to satisfy the above criteria. Manna would be a perfect example.

I'd appreciate any and all help, thanks!

Bacon wrapped dog - where to buy dog and bacon?

Ok, this is a silly idea.

But I often have a craving for L.A. style bacon wrapped street vendor type dogs. And I want to make them at home myself, so I can have access to this delicious commodity 24/7.

Anyone have a clue what kind of dogs and bacon the vendors use and where I can buy them?

I've tried searching previous CH posts, but they generally refer to the location of the actual street carts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And don't worry, if you happen to be a dog vendor and reading this post, I'm not looking to open my own cart lol.