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Organ Meats in NYC or other Unusual Meats?

The best tripe dish offered in NYC is available at Patsy's for a $25 price.

Dec 10, 2011
Pinnacle in Manhattan

Port Jervis, Ny

What is your price point?

Help! Need Restaurant Rec in White Plains for Lunch for Top Execs

i've had several executive lunches at Milonga. The food is good, with offerings that meet most requirements. Its served professionally and with appropriate pace. The environment allows for a business discussion or friendly conversation. The staff understands the concept of time. The price points show good judgment in how you spend the company money.

Mt Kisco craft beer?

Crabtrees Kittle House has 5 craft beers on tap @ $5 per glass. They also offer a pub menu. If you are in Mt Kisco on Friday afternoon go to a craft brewery, Captain Lawrence, for a sample and a take home growler.

226 Jericho Tpke, Floral Park, NY 11001

Hacienda La Paloma

I've noticed that Hacienda La Paloma has finally opened. It's across the street from the Lexington Grill in Mt. Kisco in the home of the former Cuban Restaurant Coco Rumba. I believe the management has remained the same. An on line search found a web page still in development and without menu detail. Has anyone had the opportunity to visit and can share with me the experience?


Coco Rumbas
443 Lexington Ave, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Karma Lounge/Ossining

Hi Elb53103

I'm curious as to just what "clearly catering to a specific type of clientel that we didn't fit. It was clear that they didn't want us there" means. How would you describe the type of customer that the establishment is interested in retaining.

Thanks You.

Cocktail Help - Westchester

Please help and suggest where the best happy hours and cocktails of sufficent size and power might be found. No thick glass, small pour estsblishments allowed. I 'd like to say that "authentic" Irish pubs are also off limits, but, will reserve comments until I see the responses.

Caffe Italia (Albany)?

Eaten @ CI about 6X's during business trips to Albany. It's a better than average, family run, restaurant. By no means upscale, it serves typical Italian fare at a level not typically found in the area. The prices are higher than the Albany norm - one app, one entree, 2 cocktails = $50. My favorite dish is the veal Milanese over a mesculin salad with ripe tomatoes (summer time).

sleepy hollow ;finalmente and villa napoli

finalmente - the translation to english is "in the end", which, more that likely suggests what stage of life the estsblishment has reached.

Westchester Lunch Suggestions - County Wide

I have a new job that allows me about two hours for a reimbursed lunch each day. This week I went to the Kittle House (Chappaqua), North Restaurant (Armonk) and Le Paneterie (Rye). These establishments have a prixe fix $25 three course lunch - I'm looking for similar anywhere in Westchester. Can you give me your recomendations?

Christmas Eve dinner in Armonk/Mt Kisco/Chappaqua area?

Crabtrees Kittle House. Just around the corner.

What Italian place has the Pasta tasting Menu?


355 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10010

Oct 04, 2010
Pinnacle in Manhattan

One night in Downtown Buffalo - where should I eat?

Bacchus- its in walking distance.

Rome, NY help

Hi Ciclista- I'm a traveling salesman, who quite often finds himself in your neck of the woods. I have a expense account and I love to eat. In general, the food around Rome is bad. One bright spot exists - Ancora in Utica. It's the best restaurant in upstate NY bar none.

261 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501

Italian NYC with teens

I too have teens. They love to go to Bello's on 56th and 9th. The price is moderate and the service and decor is fine. The menu shold satisfy all attending.

Feb 04, 2010
Pinnacle in Manhattan

Ethiopian in Mount Kisco?

I hope no bubble is burst, but, at the Mt Kisco Post Office flyers hang on the wall announcing that the location will be a hot dog shop. The menu lists 20 or so versions ranging from plain to guacamole.

Exceptional dinner near Wellfleet

NYC Chowhounder needs a great rec for gift certificate for sister-in-law who lives in Wellfleet, MA area.


Dec 22, 2009
Pinnacle in Southern New England

Great spot near Albany Times Union Center for Dinner PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Knock yourself out. Feel free to pick your own.

Need help with Utica dining....

Eat at the restaurant next door to the theater on Main Street. Best inventive meal in Utica. The name begins with an A (I seem to recall)


I'm having a problem figuring out the name of this new place. What is it?

Four Seasons Hotel Boston

Hi All,

NY chowhounder staying @ 4 Seasons Boston. I have a really good expense account and was wondering if my friends to the north might recommend the best places to eat within walking distance of the hotel. I eat everything and will be in a group of 6.


Nov 01, 2008
Pinnacle in Greater Boston Area

Good eats in Utica?

In the land of red sauce hell stands but one shining star:

Nicoletta's Perugia
8195 Seneca Turnpike (AKA RT. 5)
Clinton, NY 13323
315 732-2002

This is, without a doubt, the BEST dinner available in the area.

Portugese in Tarrytown

Dear Hounder,

I have heard of a new Portugese restaurant that opened somewhere near the top of Main Street. Can someone confirn that this is true? Do you have the name and perhaps have had a meal?

I'm thinking Portugese tonight (6-5-08) and was thinking Caravella. Perhaps something new and better may exist.


Brimfield Antiques Show

Having attended in the past I've come up short on finding any quality food. Can you suggest any "good eats" in the area. Type, price are not an issue only a memorable meal is requested. We are coming from CT.



Cafe of Love

Dear Foodie,

Has anyone had the opportunity to try the newly opened Cafe of Love in Mt. Kisco. Something must be good because long lines and late night activity abound.

Your reviews are appreciated.



Buffalo Wings in Mount Kisco

The best wings, bar none, are the gorgonzola wings from the Heights in Yorktown. Eight wings, nine dollars. Heavenly mix of gorgonzola cheese, vinegar based hot sauce, a crisp cooking style with attention to moistness. Comes with side of refreshing slaw. Bar cocktails are excellent.

RIBFEST in New Paltz

All --- Attended this very sad excuse for a "festival" on Saturday. The event was meager. Nothing more that a handful of vendors selling BBQ and related items. Please write this event off.

Farmington Ct.

I'll be living at Farmington CT Marriott for the next week. Can you suggest dinner options? Price and ethnicticity are no object.

Thank You

Looking for a good, byo place somewhere in Northern Jersey. Need food worthy of opening a nicely cellared, perfectly aged wine!

Chappaqua neighbor seconds the suggestion.

Dinner - Newtown CT.

Dear Chowists,

A Saturday night obligation takes me to an unfamiliar food land. I will have a party of 5 for dinner and need a suggestion within 15 min. of Newtown. No one has any food phobias, allergies or eating issues. Price is not a major concern. Please share with me any guidance you can offer.