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kosher livingston subway closing


I also visited Baltimore Kosher Subway from Brooklyn and I had a different experience after eating at the Brooklyn and Livingston kosher subways. Baltimore has all their meats handmade from their local butcher Wasserman and Lembergers who has a great reputation. The quality of the meat at the Baltimore Subway blew away what I get at the other kosher subways who use 999, Mealmart, etc.. I loved the Baltimore Kosher meat quality and the always love the Subway bread. Let's face it if not for the great bread that Subway bakes why would anyone one to get the cheap 999, Mealmart meats? When you can get good homemade deli on that bread I was very happy.... Maybe Livingston and the other kosher subways should upgrade their meats like Baltimore....

Feb 24, 2009
Jim G in Kosher