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Turducken in New Jersey?

We're looking for a restauraunt that serves Turducken. This is for a group outing and I'd love to go wherever is supposed to be the best turducken in New Jersey. We live in central NJ, but northern NJ would be OK too, anyplace north of maybe New Brunswick or so.


Oct 25, 2011
dmf2103 in New Jersey

Dillon's Publick House - Mountainside, NJ

We were very disappointed with this place when I went with a small group. I called a few days in advance to make a reservation and was told they don't take them anymore, but to call ahead they evening we were coming and we'd get our name on the list. OK. I called back a couple hours before we were supposed to meet there and was told they DONT take names, you just have to show up. Um, OK. So a couple of us went a little earlier than planned and the hostess said it would be 30 minutes. OK. We kept seeing them seat other smaller groups that arrived after us, leaving them without a big enough table for us. We also saw the hostess on the phone and writing people's names down -- apparently taking reservations. After an HOUR and no updates from the hostess, we just left. Too bad -- some of us had been there before and had a great time. But unless they change that policy, I doubt we'll be going back.

Feb 14, 2011
dmf2103 in New Jersey

Rosie's Wine Bar in Garwood

I went there with a friend at 7:30 on a Saturday night and we had a really good experience. Even though the place was packed (I’d suggest calling for a reservation if you want a table), the host, who I think was the owner, was very friendly. We were just there to drink so stood at the bar for a little bit until some stools opened up. The bartender was friendly, helpful and attentive -- no complaints there. We tried four wines by the glass from the cheap list, and I found them all very good -- one surprisingly pleasant. And they give very generous pours, so again, no complaints. The place has a good vibe -- almost all young-ish adults, couples, friends, all kinds of combos, and most people were stylishly but casually dressed. There certainly was a fair amount of talking but never felt overly loud. It mellowed out as the night wore on and was half empty by 11ish when we left. I’d definitely go back -- would still like to try the food.

Feb 24, 2009
dmf2103 in Mid-Atlantic