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Avoid Wingporium on Islington. Had to be the worst wings ever. Lack of flavor and found them to be very dry.


The place you are talking about is called Wingemporium. IT HAS TO BE ABSOULTLY THE WORST WINGS IN TOWN. No flavor and over cooked. I would advoid this place at all possible.

There is a little place that just recently opened on Kipling just south of Horner Ave callled The Hardy Skellet. Tha hae a variety of different wing flavors and they are not too bad. Worth a try.

restaurants in etobicoke

For Wings avoid Wingemporium on Islington. Found them to be very dry and lack of flavor. They advertise 55 flavours but we were very disappointed in them. I like Heads or Tails. Alderwood Plaza (Browns Line and Evans Ave). The Hearty Skillet also has good wings. The are on Kipling just south of Horner.

Il Paesano is good for Italian. Fresh pasta and not too bad of a Pizza. (Browns Line & Horner).

Aslo great Italian food is Rocco's Plum Tomato. They have 2 locations. Islington north of Queensway and also on the Queensway around Royal York or Parklawn(I think). They give MAMA Martino's a run for their money.

Haven't been able to find a good fish and chip joint but there is a not to bad of a place on 5th Street just north of Lakeshore.

Greek I like the Greek Cuisine on the Queensway. Also there is a new place on Dundas between Dixie and 427 called ASTORIOS.

The best Veal Sandwich in the city is California's on the Queensway.

Where are the juicy baby back ribs in Toronto????

Turtle Jacks has great ribs. Locations through the GTA

Indian food in South Etobicoke

It was called Swaad and yes they had a real nice buffet. Butter Chicken was the best. Haven't found a good restaurant since. Will check out Chutney's

Typically Toronto Food?

How about those Tiny Donuts from the EX.

Indian food in South Etobicoke

Does anyone know any good Indian restaraunt in South Etobicoke (Queensway & Islington area)?

Peach Ice Cream in TO ?

This is not Peach Ice Cream, but if you are in Winona (Just the other side of Hamilton) next weekend they have a Peach Festival. One vender sells Peach Sundaes. Vanilla Ice Cream with peach slices. Trust me it is worth the drive. We attend every year just for the fresh peaches and for the Sundeas.

Wink in Cans!!!

Which Sobey's store? I haven't seen Wink in a long time.