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Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

In university I was a waiter in a steak house. I had a young couple on a first date come in and the woman ordered a 8 inch sirloin. Her face flushed and before should could change inch to ounce, I pounced. "Wow I don't know if I can give you 8 inches. How 'bout 4 inches twice?" I can still remember the laughter at the time (mostly mine) and it still makes me chuckle.

Apr 11, 2012
specialk in Not About Food

Rangoli cafe - Glenmore and Blackfoot

I'm on a new commuter route and from Blackfoot Tr south as I come up to Glenmore Tr I can see a banner hanging on one of those little industrial buildings east of Blackfoot advertising Rangoli Cafe.. So has anyone been? Is it tasty or not? Any info appreciated! I see there's a website up

Apr 11, 2012
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Downtown Calgary toddler-friendly

Was at Wurst last week with our family - including three year old and one year old twins. Mein Gott, they were able to feed our crew quickly and the mains came out before the appy I had ordered (in the past i would be upset with this). Highchairs on site. Kids shared the Nuernburger sliders.

Dec 01, 2011
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Mexican in Oakridge area? YYC

We just moved near Glenmore Landing and a friend said they'd heard of a Mexican resto int he Oakridge area... anyone with more details?
PS I heard from a Mexican chap that Las Palmas in Red Deer is supplied to be great

Sep 06, 2011
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Beef Jerky - Smokey Farm Meats in Calgary?

I'm not a total jerky junkie, but I'm a fan of Valbella jerky (available in Calgary at Sunterra). I also like the dried droewors (sp?) at SA meats on Kensington Rd NW. Of course Longview is pretty good too and can be picked up at MEC.

Aug 29, 2011
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Saray Cafe - Calgary

Noticed the sign for Saray Cafe go up in the last couple of weeks and dropped in at lunchtime Thursday to check it out. It's on the west side of First St. SW btwn 6 and 7 Ave. It's the little space where Atomic used to be. Saray's a Turkish place, run by an affable Turkish fellow who says he has a restaurant in Turkey and this is his first restaurant in Canada. Looks like a fast food concept using a steam table to keep a few selections warm - while i was there it was Kofte, White beans, Chicken and Rice and a Burgel dish.
I tried the Kofte with burgul and it was carefully assembled in my styro take-away box along with a small bit of salad, some white beans and a few sauces. A glass of Turkish tea was thown in as well as a sample of Sahlep -

My few Turkish dining experiences have been limited to Germany and Istanbul cafe in NW Calgary, so a real rookie in this area. Overall everything was tasty (hot stuff was a little cool) The 3 small Kofte had nice cinamon/allspice? flavouring and the burgeul was a bit plain. I expected a little bread - but there wasn't actually much sauce do do any dipping! It aslo has a tiny salad bar with about 3-4 selections. 2 bucks for a small container.

A neat alternative to the food court scene for sure. Will try again.

Saray Cafe
623 1 St SW, Calgary, AB , CA

Mar 18, 2011
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Dry Olives YYC?

Lina's for sure and I think L'Epicerie will carry them too... There's also those black olives cyrovaced at the arabic stores... such as Village Pita

1325 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5L1, CA

Dec 30, 2010
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In search of butcher in Calgary

Dredging up an old thread, but just wondering how folks have found Bob Ton for grocery items. I often buy my meat there, but today also picked some eggs and jerky (snack for me and my daughter on the way home) Jerky was by far the toughest specimen I've ever bought or even made. Upon cracking, the eggs seemed old having faint fishy smell..
I'm all ears for suggestions on where to buy better, fresher eggs and a tenderer version of my highbrow snack of jerky... !

Dec 30, 2010
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SA Meat Shops Calgary

This is one of those places you drive by and wonder - what goes on in there... ?
Well, after numerous drive by's I stopped in with my toddler about two months ago. I've never been to South Africa, but we tried some of the sausages and steaks based on the recommendations of the friendly South African staff. It's now become a (pricey and meaty) regular weekly stop for us. My 3 yr old daughter adores the droë wors dried beef sausage, which is pretty plain, but delicious, and flavoured with coriander. It’s a guaranteed way to get her protein. Apparently many kids love this stuff. I’m partial to the chilly bites - which pack some heat and are highly addictive. We've also tried the fresh droë wors (beef and pork) and marinated steaks, which were great. All in all a good find if you're a carnivore of any nationality.

106-2120 Kensington Road NW

Dec 06, 2010
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Indian Catering Rec's?

Want to get a casual dinner catered for about 35 ppl. Was thinking of going with Glory of India, since they've done a nice job at a couple of parties I've been at where they did the food. But thought I'd canvass the board to see if anyone's had great experience with other places...


Glory of India
515 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0J7, CA

Apr 25, 2010
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Kitchen gadgets in Calgary

Also try Edelweiss (corner of 19th St & 20 Ave NW)
They carry quite a few euro kitchen things incl my fave brand of Salatschleuter (salad spinner)

Edelweiss Imports
1921 20 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M, CA

Nov 27, 2008
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YYC - What the heck is a Halifax Donair? & where to find one...

Reporting back after a visit to Sammy's on Thursday for lunch. Bro –in-law’s verdict on his donair was “pretty good”. My lamb sandwich was nice. I asked Sammy to make it Egyptian style (never been there but obviously way more cred than asking for Halifax style). Mine was delish, and while the lamb was a bit overdone, everything else was very nice esp the pickled turnip.
Bro-in-law went to Pizza Delight on Friday. “They got the the real sauce,” he submits. But he liked the rest of the donair ingredients much better at Sammy’s. He said he’ll go back to PD and get one with extra sauce on the side and drive back to Sammy’s and sauce up a Sammy’s donair with the PD sauce. He’s clearly a connoisseur. :)
Thanks for all the tips. I’m working DT again and will give Damascus a try soon.

Jun 01, 2008
specialk in Prairie Provinces

YYC - What the heck is a Halifax Donair? & where to find one...

So my bro-in-law is in town from Ireland and wants to go for donairs. Now my usual stop would be Jimmy's see, as it's super tasty and a mere two blocks away. But this guy has requested that he is to be hooked up with a "Halifax Donair"… apparently his staple while attending Uni there.

Anyhoo, have a memory (Chowhound perhaps) that said Halifax Donair differs from A&A and similar by having sauce that’s less sweet and also no radishes, or is it pickles…?

He intro’d me to Zaytoon in Dublin so I feel that I owe him one.

Anyone have a line on this taste of Halifax in Calgary ?

Thanks in advance

May 20, 2008
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Calgary Dining Week prospects?

So we had our dinner at Escoba on Tues night. Two of us ordered the fixed $35 menu. I didn't see the "gourmet" menu but also didn’t ask for it. The other 7 folks (mostly out-of-towners) ordered from the menu and really enjoyed their selections.

Set menu was

-Escoba Salad
-Stuffed Chicken (Moist, tender & flavourful but didn’t really taste the Feta & fennel sausage; but Gorgonzola smashed potatoes were lovely with just the right balance of cheese.)
-Chocolate Mousse (was straightforward and delish though it was served on a giant puff pastry crouton which was kinda weird and didn’t mesh texture wise)

PS. If you’re in a local resto that has chorizo on the menu (in Escoba’s case one of the appies) wouldn’t you want it to be homemade or at least from Spolumbo or Valbella? Or is it OK to be serving Freybe chorizo?

Calgary Dining Week prospects?

So - as the resident Calgarian, (and good eater) of a work group that's getting together in Calgary next week, I need to handle dinner arrangements on Tuesday.

Since it happens to coincide with Dining Week, it’d be good to support one of the restaurants that are participating.

As previously posted by another chowhounder, the Penny Lane menus look like a pass. (c’mon… Oreo Cheesecake on the $85 gourmet menu?)

But what looks good for a group of ~8 with a range of tastes…?

I’m thinking the Piq Niq menu looks appealing…

I also haven’t tried Bali Restaurant Indonesia in a while…

And, I have yet to go to Jaro Blue… (

Any opinions?
Where are Calgary chowhounders going during Dining Week?

I heart Village Pita Bakery

Since moving to a job in the NE last year, I've been eating regularly at the Village Pita Bakery. The usual order is a meat pie and a spinach-feta pie. It ties for my fave cheap lunch spot near work (the other being Pho Xuan on 36th St.) I buy the pies to take home but I’d say they’re 50 per cent better when you eat them hot from oven – or whatever warm thing they got goin' in the back room. You can also find the old fashioned "flatbread" – the paper-thin bread that was always served with a meal at my Lebanese grandfather’s house.

In addition to the great food, the entertainment factor kicks in over the noon-hour when the throngs of kids from the school next door descend on VPB. It gets noisy and busy faster than you can say fatayer. But the owners are patient and keep a separate line for adults.

I tried the donair place (Babylon?) across the parking lot but wasn’t too jazzed. I’d be interested in any others’ experiences at the other eateries in Short Pants plaza.

Onion & garlic turn green when sautéed!?

ah ha! thx for the explanation.

Dec 21, 2007
specialk in Home Cooking

Onion & garlic turn green when sautéed!?

While cooking a massive batch of black bean burritos bound for the freezer , I was sautéing garlic (20 cloves, crushed) and onions (4 large, minced) in olive oil in a Calphalon pan.
While cooking, this 3-ingredient-mixture turned a bright green colour. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

The only thing I can think of is that I had over processed the garlic and onion in the food processor resulting in a mashed potato consistency.

thanks. Kurt

Dec 21, 2007
specialk in Home Cooking

Dried shrimp in Calgary?

My supply of dried shrimp has dried up. It's been so long since I bought these smelly suckers that I can't remember where I got them. I looked yesterday at T&T but no dice. My Som Tam won't be the same without them. Any leads appreciated!

Sunday Brunch in Calgary?

I'm a sucker for breakfast buffet at Thompson's in the Hyatt - they take reservations. (not really a surprise for a hotel, but I don't often like waiting, and when the other options being bandied about are line-up magnets like Diner Deluxe or Avenue Diner...)

The food is above average for the most part. The sausages and made-to-order omelets are super. Fresh and plentiful fruit. NB Hyatt: eggs benny do not work on a buffet line. I also like the room (interesting art) and the service is pretty good.

Aug 03, 2007
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Looking for Sunridge (Calgary)

Thanks for the plentiful and excellent suggestions. I've got quite the dining list now. Here’s a look at some recent lunches:

Village Pita Bakery – is an old standby but went again last week. Nothing beats dashing in for a quick stand up app’t with a hot meat pie. Finally tried lemon juice on one of these. Zing! I like.

Tiffin - fresh rotis, pretty tasty food and a bright place. My thali was yummy but veg curry had a watered down feel to it. (I think I’ve become addicted to Punjabi cooking...mmm, oil) May go back.

Pho Xuan on 36th St. - A mixed crew from work: a Dutch, a Mexican, a Brit, two Americans and two Canadians. Lotsa head nodding and slurping seemed to indicate it was a hit. Great saté soup and dee-lish salad rolls. Will go back. BTW - this is a cash only place.

La Cay (sp?) – Vietnamese sub place a few doors south from Pho Xuan. Fresh veggies – seems like all/most subs are priced at $3.50. Not the usual upsell on the sate subs. I had an assorted - fresh bun, good cold cuts & nice veggies. Will go back

Aug 03, 2007
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Looking for Sunridge (Calgary)

A job change recently hurled me from Downtown to the Northeast earlier this summer.

I’ve checked out the German Canadian Club – lunch buffet with some solid offerings – dill cucumber salad, cooked red cabbage (mmm), dumplings, Zigeuner Schnitzel. A little further out is the previously unreachable-from-DT-over-the-noon-hour Taco Del Mar franchise. Definitely a step up from other Mexican fast food in the city!

But I need some other recommendations to help me knowledgably suggest options the next time a colleague says, “Hey, let’s go grab lunch at Ricky’s.”

I’d love to hear any thoughts on Chowhound endorsed lunch places (takeout/sit down/whatever) in the Greater Sunridge Metropolitan Area…say, Memorial to 32nd Ave and Barlow Trail to 52nd St.


Jul 25, 2007
specialk in Prairie Provinces