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Wine tasting in Toronto?

Paese restaurant on king is the only restaurant that can boast having a master sommelier who works service every night.

333 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

Prestige wine search

I'm coming from toronto. I'll be there for 48 hours, not sure about the car, but probably could get a lift. I'm looking for boutique west coast chard or pinot. Something like Beaux freres, that i can't find in canada. I'm going to check out a couple of the websites, thanks!

Prestige wine search

I'll be in Boston for the first weekend in May. I'll only be in town for 48 hours and would like to buy a couple of bottles of fine wine. What are the best stores that would carry the largest selection of American (cali and oregon), French or Italian wines. Close to Newberry street is a plus.

Sidecar Bartender

I believe he is actually still at Splendido...

Celebration Dinners in Venice

I will be in venice in two weeks with my family (8 of us). We all love food, and would like to find some Great restaurants, some good restaurants, and some restaurants with no pretention. Can anyone help me?

Sep 09, 2009
lepetitgourmand in Italy

Cassoulet...where to find in T.O?

What about Le Paradis? The price can't be beat anywhere, portions are huge, and it's as authentic as you'll find anywhere in toronto

Pres du 12eme

I'm going to be in paris on the first week of july, staying in the 12th.
As a big 'snob' I want to eat in great restaurants that don't cost too much.
I love tasting menus, will eat anything and would rather not have to make any decisions. At the same time, I don't want to have to break the bank. I would love suggestions (I don't mind travelling - as long as i can get back at night). I was told that Bouchet is a good place? WHERE WILL I EAT?

May 29, 2009
lepetitgourmand in France

Best Single Order of Steak in Toronto

Splendido/NB steak is the best i've ever had.
The steak at House of Chan is probably the best value, 50 bucks for a steak with all the trimmings (potatoes, fried onions and salad). And it's USDA Prime, dry aged.
I've heard mixed reviews about Jacobs, but havn't been myself so i can't comment.
I do however love steak!

'Tampopo' Style Bowl of Noodles

That's awesome, i can't believe i didn't know about that place, it's 2 blocks from my house, i'll be going on wednesday night! It's hard to believe that there would only be one restaurant in Toronto?

'Tampopo' Style Bowl of Noodles

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the Japanese movie 'Tampopo'. Ever since, I've been on the search for the perfect bowl of noodles. I love Pho, and Chinese noodles, but i can't seem to find a Japanese equivalent, like the one at the end of the movie 'Tampopo'. Where can i find that perfect bowl of noodle soup 'a la japonaise'? I live downtown but would travel great distances...

milk in glass bottles

Harmony Milk is available at the Organic Food store in Kensington. North East corner of Augusta and Baldwin.

Ideas for a Monday night special occasion?

Thanks for the responses everyone! I think i've narrowed it down to Cava or Crush. Sidecar was also a good recommendation, but i think it's more along the lines of a place to go for the after party! I will have to try Omi tho, I do love anything omakase. I'll let everyone know how it went.

Ideas for a Monday night special occasion?

I like the idea of Scaramouche. Havn't been in many moons, and the last time i was there the service was great. Food was safe.
Sidecar and The Hoof are a little too casual.
Aside - Sidecar does have some great cocktails.

Ideas for a Monday night special occasion?

I'm going out monday night for a special occasion. Any ideas? I'm drawing a complete blank, and time's running out!
We're both adventurous eaters, and enjoy wine.
Price is no object, but obviously not too crazy. My first thought was Kaji, but they're not open on mondays. Something downtown would be better...Help me please.