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Large swirl lollipops in Toronto?

I'm looking at getting around 50 of these large swirl lollipops as a party favour. Does anyone know where I could get a bunch of these at an affordable price?


ISO Tiny Brioche Hamburger Buns

My friend ordered brioche bread as their wedding favour at Queen's Patisserie. They have various locations in Toronto. Doesn't hurt to ask if they would do custom orders. Good luck!

Babu Catering and Take Outs in Markham

I noticed Babu opened up a location recently at McCowan and Bur Oak in Markham. Has anyone tried it? We drove pass it and it was packed! Went home and visted their website and looked at the menu. I have no clue what half the items are. Checked the gallery to check out the dishes but it didn't indicate what I was looking at.

I'm new to this type of cuisine and would love to try it.

Are there any recommendations on what I should order for beginners?

Organic Restaurant Recommendations?

We actually went to True Restaurant in Yorkville. It's my first time going to an organic restaurant so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ordered a rack of lamb and it was very tasty! I guess the price was reasonable in the area. The atmosphere was nice too. Not sure if organic ingredients tastes any different...but to tastes the same as non-organic restaurants.


I've seen vegemite at Sobey's (I forgot which location)....but that was probably sometime last year.

Muslim Chinese food

I think you're talking about the restaurant at Steeles & Warden (Metro Square). There's a restaurant there that has many lamb dishes. Never been there though, but I'd love to try it one day.

Lau Sah Bao Test (egg custard bun) - review + pics

They have them at T&T too...the one at Warden and Steeles is pretty good. They are huge and tastes really good when you give it a good steam at home.

Organic Restaurant Recommendations?

Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations that serves food made from organic ingredients?

Preferably just north of Toronto (midtown or York Region). But would consider downtown as well.

My new favourite Asian supermarket

My new favourite Asian supermarket now is Foody Mart inside the strip plaza around Bamburgh Circle (Warden and Steeles). It's very similar to T&T and very clean. The line ups are not as crazy as T&T for sure. Prices in general is lower too. Apparently the people who operate the bakery there were all former employees of the T&T at Warden and Steeles.

Any recommendations for purchasing Uni (sashimi) in bulk in the GTA?

I ended up just getting one tray from J Town. To my surprise they had a Uni special. Here are some photos I took of the uni.

They were very fresh and so very tasty!

We also purchase some ikura and bbq beef ribs as well. YUM!

Omega 3 – Fabulously Fragrant Fish Broth with Vermicelli & no MSG (review + pics)

Another restaurant with pretty good soup base would be Delicious Restaurant in Richmond Hill. I haven't been there in a while though...ever since it changed hands it sort of went downhill.

high-end Chinese in Richmond Hill? Help!

La Chine is a fusion Chinese restaurant.

Dragon Boat is also not bad's just down the street from La Chine.

Any recommendations for purchasing Uni (sashimi) in bulk in the GTA?

Thank you all!! I think I will checkout J-Town since it's closest to me. =)

Omega 3 – Fabulously Fragrant Fish Broth with Vermicelli & no MSG (review + pics)

YES!! I totally agree with BokChoi....I frequent Omega3 often too. Their food is not too heavy yet you feel satisfied after eating it. Their soup base is sooo tasty I end up drinking up the entire bowl each time.

Vertical, First Canadian Place

I attended two corporate functions there (breakfast and dinner) and their food was AMAZING!!! Service is great too! Their drinks were a bit expensive though.

Any recommendations for purchasing Uni (sashimi) in bulk in the GTA?

Does anyone know where I could puchase 2-3 trays of Uni sashimi for a frugal price? I believe there might be 10-12 pieces of Uni sashimi in a tray.

What is considered a decent price to pay?