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Best restaurants in HK for today / tonight / tomorrow?

Thanks to all for the wonderful suggestions... Added to the list for my return! I had dim sum at Luk Yu - clearly not a best, but insisted by a friend... Fun at least for the experience. Also went to the Ritz, which was absolutely delicious with truly stunning views. Can't wait to try all of the other suggestions on my next trip!

Best restaurants in HK for today / tonight / tomorrow?

Thank you for this wonderful and prompt reply! I should have planned farther in advance - and, to stay longer!!

I was admiring your posts to other threads, so I really appreciate the suggestions. There are only 2 of us, so I hope we can squeeze in at one of your recommendations!

I'm quite tempted by the Italian, but am focused on Cantonese and Dim Sum, or now possibly Shanghainese as well!

Will report back... Let me know if you ever need suggestions in NYC! :)

Best restaurants in HK for today / tonight / tomorrow?

I just landed for 36 hours in Hong Kong. I'm staying in Central at the Conrad; any suggestions for places not to be missed? Thanks!

Vegetarian in North Phoenix?

I'm travelling for work in the North Phoenix area with some vegetarians (dairy, but no eggs). Any suggestions for good vegetarian options? Thanks in advance!

Mar 24, 2009
christina_nyc in Phoenix

Recommendations for Chinese?

My husband and I are visiting DC for the weekend, and we always go for Chinese when we travel. Chinese food in Barbados was truly terrible, but our meals in Philly and the Italian Alps were great!

We’re staying in the Georgetown area… any suggestions for Chinese food for dinner?

It can be fancy or a true dive… as long as it’s delicious!

Is the Russian Tea Room re-opening?

I pass by the Russian Tea Room every day, and it seems like they're making preparations to re-open; they've put up a new awning and have been polishing the doors. Does anyone have info?

Oct 03, 2006
christina_nyc in Manhattan

Good Asian Eats- Midtown East

mint is lovely for delicious, upscale indian on east 50th

Sep 26, 2006
christina_nyc in Manhattan

which champagne glass to buy?

Not all Riedel collectors are purists... I have quite a collection of Riedel wine glasses myself, but appreciate something different for special occasions.

If you're looking to buy them a pair that they can add to over time for entertaining, then go for the Riedel.

If you want something just for them to use for celebration, buy a pair like the Baccarat Dom (I got those myself as an engagement gift) or the Tiffany Classic crystal (one of my favorites... and who doesn't like a blue box?... and for only $90 for the pair!). Both styles are wonderful quality, have a good, light touch and are free of any embellishment (very important); plus, it feels pretty special to take them out of their special box when you use them.

Also, might want to consider spending a bit less on flutes (Riedel Vinum) and purchasing an interesting bottle of champagne to go with them!

Aug 18, 2006
christina_nyc in Wine