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Allen & Sons BBQ

I think Bullock's in durham is cheaper and as good. Plus if you like sides, Bullock's is the place ot go to get your Q. I have eaten at both and would honestly pick Bullock's over Allen and Son's. But again, it's all a matter of taste.

Atlanta area supermarket ????

I can tell you one way to know if it was the Harry's in Marietta...was there a Kentucky Fried Chicken accross the road with a giant chicken on the roof? That's the Harry's that Alton Brown goes to in Good Eats.

Atlanta holes in the wall?

This sounds pretty cool, but I still don't know if we can only make a lunch. We'll probably have to aim for dinner. Can anyone think of a place open for dinner?

Atlanta holes in the wall?

This place sounds awesome! Is it only open for lunch? It doesn't say on Yelp. If so I don't think we'll amke it on Sunday, we hav ot do lunch with the fam after chruch. But I will definitely keep this place in mind, it sounds like one of those places you won't find anywhere else.

Atlanta holes in the wall?

I have some family coming into town in march and I'm wanting to take them to a local restaraunt in the area. We live in Powder Springs, so Kennesaw and Marietta are reasonable alternatives to going downtown. The problem is I'm wanting to bring them to something on found in atlanta (or the metro area) and I want it to be something they can talk about when they go home. An example of the place I'm looking for is Nuevo Laredo Cantina, which is juts a total hole int he wall Mexican restaurant that is more delicious than anyone ever expects. But I'm looking for something new to try. Other examples of the type of place I'm looking for is like El Carajo in Miami (the one int he back of the convenience store, not the one on 57th). Or If anyone has ever been to Birmingham and ate at The Garage, that type of place would be great too. Oh yeah, and I don't want to take them "Hole In the Wall" on peachtree! Basically the requirements are Locally owned, reasonbly priced ($30 per person is reasonable I think), good food, and something you'd definitely tell your friends about. And I guess should mention no BBQ places, I already know where all the best ones of those are.