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The Beaches - Savignon or Balsam Rest??

Having lived here in the Beach for some years, I'm sad to say that the proportion of good restaurants in the neighbourhood is not high. It's looking up though, with Ali's Tandoori and Balsam among my multiple repeat visits. For "fine dining" both Sauvignon and Balsam have much to offer. I'm posting this well past the original poster's special day - I can quite frankly say that chowhounds will enjoy either of these restaurants. Balsam does have a large and shady patio in the summer - one of the nicest of any restaurant in the neighbourhood.


Delicious Delight Caribbean Café in the north Beaches at Main & Gerrard.
Well, I can't post a review yet, 'cause all I've had there so far is a beef pattie (very good). The owner Claire seems really nice, and as we talked, I watched her making cod cakes and roti and other goodies.
Full report next week after I've had goat roti & fresh sorrel for lunch.
Google map at

Delicious Delight Caribbean Cafe
162 Main St, Toronto, ON M4E2V8, CA