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Haagen Dazs Five: high overrun?

I tried the HD Five this weekend, and really loved it. I was looking for a frozen dessert that could be close enough to be kosher for Passover for my standards (ie. kosher, not marked KP, but containing no chametz), and three pints of the HD Five was what I picked up. The chocolate and mint tasted great together, but my favorite of the three was the passion fruit - it was smooth and soft and creamy and wonderful.

I think liking this line of ice cream or not will depend on what kind of mouth feel one prefers. If you like your ice cream soft rather than dense, you'll like the HD Five.

Apr 12, 2009
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Restaurant suggestion in DC for casual semi-business meeting

Reporting back! We ended up having dinner at Dino this evening at 7pm, and it was really perfect. I met our dinner guest at the bar, and we had a glass of prosecco while waiting for my husband to arrive, which was perfect. Despite the restaurant still offering their Restaurant "Week" menu, the restaurant wasn't busy (Monday night and all), but they still sat us upstairs in a quiet little room by ourselves. It provided the perfect quiet-ish environment that allowed us to talk throughout dinner, and it was nice not to feel crowded into a table for a change.

The food was great. I started with the chianti-poached pears salad, which I really enjoyed, but my husband found his vegetable antipasto starter too sour. I had the zuppa di pesce as my entree, which was wonderful. The broth was light and flavorful with just the right amount of spice. My husband had one of the duck entrees, which I neglected to taste but he really liked. For dessert I tried the avacado gelato with red sea salt (I was already so satisfied with my meal, I figured I might as well take a chance on a unique dessert); the flavor of the gelato was definitely different - not very sweet - but the sea salt paired very nicely with it. The Restaurant Week menu also included a glass of muscato d' asti with dessert, which was delicious and a nice, sweet end to the meal.

A good but pricey bottle of Pinot Noir put our bill considerably over what I had planned to spend for the meal, but that was fine. Dinner was all around very enjoyable, and was really a perfect choice.

Thanks so much for all the restaurant suggestions! Dino was a great choice, and I'll keep the other suggestions in mind for future meals. Particularly Etete, which I'd really like to try sometime.

Thanks again!

Restaurant suggestion in DC for casual semi-business meeting

Thank you so much for your suggestions! I really appreciate them.

Of the places recommended, the only one I've been to previously is Jaleo, which I definitely like, and would be a great choice. For some reason I had forgotten about the DC location, and was thinking that metro to Bethesda starting on the green line at College Park would be too far to ask my guest to travel. Gallery Place-Chinatown would actually be ideal as a location.

Red meat: I'm pretty sure everyone eats it, and my husband would love it if we went to a good steak place. I've always wanted to try Ray's the Steaks, but never have.

Ethiopian is definitely not too casual or exotic, but I don't know where to go for good Ethiopian food or what to order, as I've only had it once myself. That doesn't rule it out, I would just need some suggestions.

I will check out all of the places you recommended online this afternoon, and will definitely report back after dinner tomorrow. Thank you again for your help!

Restaurant suggestion in DC for casual semi-business meeting

Hi there. I'm looking for a DC restaurant suggestion for next week. Though I live in the area (Mont Co), I'm having trouble coming up with a place to take a professor out to a semi-business dinner, and was hoping to find a good suggestion here.

This is what I'm looking for (generally; I'll certainly take suggestions that don't fit the bill exactly, but might be close):

-moderately priced (dinner for 3 with a bottle of wine to run something less than $120, excluding the tip)
-casual, comfortable atmosphere - nothing too "trendy" (I don't want a place where I'll feel uncomfortable in my non-designer shoes with my non-designer purse)
-but good food, and not your typical chain restaurant (I like Clyde's, particularly the comfortable, casual atmosphere, but would rather take my guest somewhere a little more interesting)
-warm and inviting, but not so loud that conversation is difficult
-within short walking distance to a metro station (so, a restaurant in Adams Morgan or Georgetown, for instance, would be out)

I'm open to just about any cuisine, with the exception of a place that's seafood or pork centered.

If there's anything I can be more specific about, please let me know. Thank you very much for any suggestions!