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Eating near DC Convention Center on a student budget

I am enjoying all of the updates! All of the recommendations were extremely helpful the first time around, and I have found myself around the convention center quite a few times since then. Now I have a few more places to check out. Thanks!

Spending a weekend in Raleigh

The Laziz Biryani Corner which operates out of GoPaks Bazaar on Hillsborough St. in Raleigh offers a nice selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indo-Pak dishes that are both delicious and massive. Add to that a meal which almost always comes in under 8$ and you have a winner in my book. Their chili chicken is a frequent image in my dreams. Mmmmm.

Eating near DC Convention Center on a student budget

Thanks for the replies so far, they are greatly appreciated! To answer Elyssa's question, while we are more confined to that area for lunch, for dinner we'd definitely be able to get on the Metro and out of the area for dinner.

I was remiss in my first post to mention that any suggestions for a good place to grab breakfast would definitely leave me indebted.

Eating near DC Convention Center on a student budget


My girlfriend and I are heading up to DC for a conference next weekend and are looking for recommendations on where to eat around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. We would appreciate both lunch and dinner suggestions and any type of cuisine is fine! As we are on a student budget, we're specifically looking for lunch places that run below $10 and dinners below $16 per person. Less is always better, but at the same time if a few more dollars could get us a noticeably better experience, we might be able to splurge! Thanks in advance!