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Okko fine foods - where Autogrill used to be on Eglinton

that's funny! tony's chicken fingers are the only thing i buy there too! okko is a breath of fresh air in the neighbourhood, the strength being the prepared foods, delicious homemade bourekas, huge and generously filled/spiced. best in the city, plus beautiful prepared meats. lower mark up on specialty products than anywhere i've seen. lovely family. will they survive there? they deserve to.

Ha Long Bay at Avenue and Eglinton

I too went last night on CH recommendation. Cozy, food made with love. Green rice floured shrimp spectacular, chicken curry subtle, yes, not spicy, true, but far from bland in my estimation. Unusual. Salads composed with care and all over tone of fresh, quality ingredients. Not sure I'd travel across the city for it, but delighted to have a restaurent in my neighbourhood I actually find delicious. Tasty food for discerning tastebuds, no letdowns.

recommendations for best pizza to order at Queen Margherita Pizza?

I second the Giovanni, but here's the thing. I've been three times in the past month. (Just discovered, and love it, overall.) But I have an issue with the consistency of the product. First time, perfect: cheese still creamy, crust blistered and not too thick, not tooo much prosciutto. Second time: crust too thick and not properly blistered and sauce wasn't nearly as delicious as first time. Last night, all perfect except cheese was meagre and hidden under proscuitto and sliced too thin and dried up! I think much depends on the specific artistry of each pizza assembler, and they need to manage this.....

Good cafe around yonge and eglinton for quality reading/studying

Finally an independent coffee shop comes to the wasteland. It's called the Mad Bean. It's across from le Pain Quotidien on the south side of Eglinton, a few blocks east of Spadia. I was in this a.m. It was Day 3 and quite quiet. The coffee is excellent, organic. They haven't really figured out the food yet. Remains to be seen what evolves, but I will support it. It's weird to have a cosy, funky coffeeshop in that area. I hope others find/support it. That neighbourhood can be notoriously conservative-middling when it comes to what locals will embrace.

Good Greek restaurant in Toronto?

Mezes. I was there last Friday (very busy, only take reservations for half the seats, about a 20 min wait). Michael Ondatjee was there as we were waiting in line. I asked if he were indeed MO, and he said, :the food is wonderful." (I assume that also means it was him.) I recommend everything especially the vegetarian dishes, wonderful green beans, giant beans, lovely veg. mousakka.

456 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P4, CA

Fiesta Farms

Ah, Fiesta Farms, one of my favourite topics. I love it because it's independent, earnest, and a wierdly wonderful blend of Italian specialty, ethnic, staples and health foods. My tips for first time. 1) Turn right when you come in and check out all the deals in cardboard boxes. 2) The produce section has an organics section with good prices. To the right on the shelves I always buy the Spartan Hills olives in a jar. They're $11 but superb and he's always there sampling and gets you hooked. 3) The deli section I'm not so into but they sell the Niagara Pingue Prosciutto which is fantastic. And I hear all the city's chefs stock up at their antipasto bar. 4) Great pasta aisle and sauces; I like the Fiesta Farms sauce to doctor up myself, local tomato sauce. Generally, it's like any other grocery store in terms of layout. Lots of interesting people watching there for some reason too. Enjoy.

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Kale Vegan Restaurant on Yonge St, near Eglinton...any reviews?

It's the same as the place in Noah's on Spadina. I'm pretty sure same owners, and same food. The make delicious, moist blueberry muffins, best not to think it's tofu that gives it the texture. The actual buffet is hit and miss, skimpy and a bit dried out when I was there around 5 p.m. Healthy to be sure, but a bit tepid, beige and definitely expensive. Great if on the run and want healthy macrobiotic fuel like beet salad, kale, noodles, etc. But not a destination in itself and, like the guy who runs the place at Noah's, never do they (a family?) crack a smile or a signal of recognition though I've bought juice from the Noah's outpost for 20 years.

Urgent help! Three choices-help me choose

I've got to tell you, my prix-fixe meal at Sidecar reminded me of banquet hall wedding food--low-grade hunk of chicken, undressed broccoli and greasy, rock-hard fried potatoes. Good drinks, busy place. Wouldn't go back, for sure.

Looking for high-end Asian/Thai restaurant for business lunch.

There are several good choices based on your criteria of upscale atmosphere and location. Golden Thai at corner of Church & Jarvis (I think) is beautiful. Not sure open for lunch. Ki is Japanese at 181 Bay. A hotspot. Beautiful decor. Also there's Nami for Japanse on Adelaide. Nami or Golden Thai my top picks. Ki is huge and not sure about service. These aren't Chowhound calibre, really, really, but meet the bill for high-end Asian ambience.

Sidecar, Harlem or Globe?

It all depends on what he likes. I was at Sidecar last week and it's mediocre,I felt. I went for the much-touted prix fix. It was like the food you get at a wedding, a piece of not great quality, dry chicken, some potatoes, greasy, and a veg, green, I don't even remember what. Why not try the Harbord Room or somewhere that showcases local food,

Best Masala Dosa in Toronto?

No one has mentioned Madras Masala , next to Banjara on north side of Bloor just west of Christie Pits; there you will find what you seek. We used to shlep to Saravana Bhavan in Mississauga for what you crave and indeed it's good. But this is better. I get my fix there and it's perfect. The ultimate vegetarian comfort food.

mung bean noodles

anyone know where i can buy them?

looking for Ontario Fiddleheads

I was poisoned by these last year, mildly but queasy for two weeks. I cleaned them well. Not feeling it this year. They're wild and all but they're actually not that delicious, really.

Anyone seen GT's Organic Raw Kombucha bev in TO?

Not sure what GT stands for but I buy "The Fairy's Tonic" brand at Noah's on Spadina and at Fiesta Farms, where they just started carrying it.


I would say Cafe Diplomatico at College/Clinton. They are over the top delicious, bordering on too much cheese, but definitely magnificent. Ask for a side of extra sauce.

Good cafe around yonge and eglinton for quality reading/studying

Yeah, Yonge/Eg area lacks a decent, independent cafe. I totally hear you. A very strange phenomenon. The upstairs at Starbucks at Yonge/Davisville or Starbucks in Indigo at Yonge/Eg is the best you can do. I fantasize about opening one all the time.....

She takes the cake..

I'm glad someone wrote this. I keep meaning to post about her. She's awesome and I adore her stuff. The dule leche cheesecake is award-winning calibre. A box of those to take to a dinner party or for your own tea party and you're set. She deserves to be as famous at Dufflet.

thoughts on sushi inn and loire

Feeling resentful...
After reading Loire was one of J. Kate's "10 best of 08," I went. Have that resentment in pit of stomach when it's $130 for two and not worth it, not one bit. I had the famed steak/frites in shallot sauce: tiny portion of tepid, grizly flank diplayed in fanned-out medallions as though prime meat. (Isn't the charm of steak frites its unpretentious, casual presentation? Here, very much mutton dressed as lamb.) One-note meagre drizzle of shallot sauce begged for salt. No visible side, though advertised to come with a roasted garlic polenta. That's it. I'm 118 lb and not enough for me. I wonder if off night, or as usual, are we simply not a world-class dining city or do many people just not really know their food.

Sushi Inn scam revealed...
Have always gone. Convenient Cumberland location. Finally figured out what's wrong with the place; their goal is to upsell you as much as possible and rush you out, i.e. in under 15-20 min.. I tried to relax with a book, while listening to two young philosopher boys debate the world in their sweet, intense 19-year-old way. My sushi came after two slurps of miso, and my dishes were whisked as soon as I put the last piece to my lips. He hovered as I continued to read and sip tea. I finally confronted him, gently asking if they were urged to rush customers as quickly as possible. He admitted it was so. Never going back. I'm not a loiterer at a donut counter. The place is not cheap or good enough to pull that stuff.