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Frankie & Fanucci’s-Hartsdale (ex-Lias's location)

Ate here recently -

Pizza was very thin crust and tasty. Also had the antipasto, which was overpriced and a tad disappointing. The atmosphere was a little strange with these god-awful flourescent lights beaming in your eyes. Waitstaff needs some work for sure.

The owner came by our table and was very open to feedback, which we gave him. I think they have some work to do, but it certainly has potential.

Fish market?

Where do you all buy fish in lower Westchester? I live in Hartsdale, but can go to nearby areas to find the freshest fish!

Any ideas?

Pot roast - help!

I have scanned the boards and it seems like everyone says something different.

I am cooking a pot roast now, braising in oven. I am following a recipe that calls for a 5 lb. roast at 350 for about 3 hours. I am using a 3 lb. roast and have no idea how long to cook this thing or what temperature I should be shooting for.

Internal temp guide? Any thoughts? I am clueless, help!! I am using a meat thermometer, but isn't helpful unless I know what I should be aiming for.

Mar 02, 2009
kverplanck in Home Cooking

Thai recommendations?

Looking for great Thai in lower Westchester...hartsdale, white plains, scarsdale, Ardsley etc. I recently tried Thai House, which apparently got a 22 in Zagat, but wasn't overly impressed. It was OK...

Any recs on other Thai places to try?

And if you happen to have any recommendations for tasty Chinese, Mexican, Italian in the area, throw them my way too! (obviously, just moved to the area)


Best deli in/around Hartsdale?

Any other suggestions for non-Kosher delis? We tried Epstein's on a whim today and agree with laylag, nothing special. I am intrigued by Dante's though...

Best deli in/around Hartsdale?

Any opinions on the best deli in or around the Hartsdale area? Mainly looking for great sandwiches. Thanks!

Prime meat in Hartsdale area

Rooster's Market? They claim that they are a butcher on their site, among other things.

Prime meat in Hartsdale area

What about Market Meats in White Plains? Thoughts on this place?

Prime meat in Hartsdale area

I just moved to Hartsdale and am looking for a great meat market for prime beef, veal, lamb, etc. I know of many markets in the area like Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, A&P, DeCicco's, etc...for everything else.

But I have to discover a great source for great quality meats. Ideas? Mainly looking in the Hartsdale/Scarsdale/White Plains/Bronxville areas.