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Chinatown Fruit Report - 2012

This will be a short report. I stumbled on mangosteens being sold at Tin Duc Food Market at 129 East Broadway. The store is just east of Pike St.

The fruit has been shipped and was sold in a bag holding 2.5 - 3 lbs. They were displayed prominently with the other produce outside the store. Although I hadn't eaten mangosteens before, their appearance was unmistakable. The price is $9 per lb. They don't split the contents of a bag. You buy an entire bag. A tag attached to the bag said something about quarantine.

They taste good to me. Their color was dark purple. They are certainly ripe.

There were another 4 bags being displayed. The manager of the produce stand didn't answer a question about having more.

Apr 18, 2012
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Brighton Beach restaurants and groceries

I liked Taste of Russia under the el. They have a large selection of prepared food. It was crowded with pushy Russian ladies. The procedure for queuing wasn't obvious. The counter weren't tolerant of a customer ordering by walking around and pointing to this and that. I took my load to the boardwalk to munch.

Taste of Russia
219 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Xi'an opening 67 Bayard on Sat 21st

They were empty when i went there last Wednesday afternoon. There were a few takeout orders ahead of me. The staff was a bit slow compared to Golden Mall. They have use of a shared tenement style rest room. I'll be eating there regularly. Go get 'em.

May 31, 2011
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan


If you call Phil-Am Foods in advance, they will hold the balut for you. Ditto for the unrelated Phil Am Foods on Newark Ave in Jersey City.

My attempts at both stores weren't successful. I received penoy, which is a non-embryo duck egg. The broth was still good.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor – Surprisingly Good Dim Sum at One of Chinatown’s Oldest Restaurants

When I wanted to go to Nom Wah a few weeks ago, Doyers St. was closed for a camera crew. They were shooting inside Nam Wah. It wasn't possible to eat there after the shoot. Perhaps they will get some film or TV exposure.

Apr 13, 2011
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan


El Comal at 148-62 Hillside Ave in Jamaica specializes in papusas, but also serves mofongo.

There is a cuchifritos place on 5 ave in Brooklyn between 49 St/50 St. The prices on the menu in the window were very reasonable.

El Comal
148-62 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11435

Irish Bars and Dive Bars

Rudy's at 44 St and 9th ave is a great dive. There is more of a neighborhood crowd. than at the bars within a block or two of MSG. Look for the statue of a pig in front.

Rudy's Bar & Grill
627 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Mar 06, 2011
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan


Luigi's at 21 St and 5 Ave is at the top tier. It is family run, old school pizzaria. That is the atmosphere. The operator (son) will chat with you. He offered to reheat the last slice or two of my pie. He makes the pies. I'm skeptical that DiFara could be better.

.Order your pie "well done".

Where did the Super Tacos truck on 96th & Broadway go?

Where is the Upper West Side truck currently located? Some web sites say 96th/Broadway. Others say 97th/Amsterdam Ave.

Oct 14, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Best Pizza Margherita in Brooklyn

Consider Luigi's on 5 Ave/21 St in Brooklyn. Request "well done" pie for thin crispy crust. I won't guarantee that the pie is exactly what you want, but it is among the best of NYC.

Seeking sushi in the West Village, less pricey and snooty than Sushi Samba, but still special

The Lobster Place on Bleecker St. has good sushi. You can order something freshly made. This is a fish store and not a restaurant, but consider it as a backup.

The Lobster Place
252 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Jun 17, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Fiesta Grill - Great new JH Philippino

The Fiesta Grill in Jersey City is virtually identical. I like Fritzie's. FG was too crowded a few weeks ago. Elvie's and Bayan Cafe in Manhattan have closed and were ripoffs anyway. Some turo turo's in Queens are welcome.

I consider the pancit to be a big upgrade to rice. Fritzie's should take notice.

Fritzie's has that cooked pig sitting on the table behind the counter.

Fiesta Grill
69-12 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Looking for Really Good "Old Timey New York" Foods in Queens

Jahn's at 37 Ave/81 St in Jackson Heights is old New York. The food menu is typical diner. The ice cream menu is old school. The quality is below Ben/Jerry's, etc, premium brands. The experience was a treat for a kid 50 years ago.

Xi'an Famous Foods Opening Soon In East Village

No stomach ache from Golden Mall. The Chinatown shop is too small. This E.Village location may replace E. B'way eventually. The customers seem to be mostly young LES people anyway.

May 19, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Noodles in Flushing

The best noodles were the cold sesame noodles at Yipin Chinese Cuisine, which changed ownership over a year ago. Xian at Golden Mall is best now. Lamb soup place on upper level of Golden Mall is excellent. Dan Dan noodles at Chengdu Heaven in Golden Mall is excellent. Temple Snacks at Flushing Mall has good Taiwanese noodle dishes. Dry noodles aren't dry, but not in soup.

Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main St, Queens, NY 11355

Looking for Real Mexican Bakeries

Mi Mexico Lindo at 2 Av/116 St is very good. Like Mexico, you select from their assortment with tongs and a tray.

May 14, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Guide to Woodside

This location appears to have been "El Rocio Restaurant" previously.

Bahn Mi New Additions - Any Feedback?

The new Paris Sandwich on Grand St. was better than I expected. Although the assembly line production by young employees appears very fast foodish, the bagette was still fresh at least. They have tables on site. The jewelry store sandwich seems to lose something by the time I get it home. The banh mi novelty may have worn off.

Not mentioned is a place on the corner of Bowery and Grand St. that appears to have a banh mi stand. This is the pharmacy/Durian Fruit store on the Northwest corner. Has anybody tried this place?

Paris Sandwich
213 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Apr 03, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Best "Old New York" Restaurants (stuck in the past)

Yes. It must be well over 50 years old. Students in the 1960s considered it old. Although it may not go back to the era of the robber barons, they don't make them like that anymore.

Mar 28, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

I Think I'm Done With Katz's For A While...

Over 10 years ago, the company where I worked had a big deal with a UK bank. Management requested the sales rep to entertain the UK guests at a restaurant that was "real New York". I suggested Katz's, because it was real New York. They had a good laugh at the absurd notion of taking such important and money spending big shots to this old dump in a dump of a neighborhood for a sandwich. They considered "real New York" to be some trendy Mexican flavor-of-the-month located in hip Tribeca called "El Teddy's".

It sounds like a few things have changed. LES is now fashionable and on the tourists' itinerary. They aren't afraid of being mugged in the neighborhood by the hoodlums who live there. Cable TV and the internet has made local specialties a fad.

Despite its inconvenient location, Grimaldi's seems to have become a tourist trap by being rated as best NYC pizza by one of the Cable TV channels. CH'ers have reported that quality has plummeted.

Mar 28, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Best "Old New York" Restaurants (stuck in the past)

Rudy's Bar
V & T's

Mar 27, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Guide to Woodside

The buns are kept hot, but the empanadas are baked and cold. Freshly fried would be better. This batch was fresh and not very dry. The price is $1. So WTF?

I'll defer to this blogger, who brought them home.

Pupusas in Queens

El Comal on Hillside Ave. in Jamaica specializes in papusa.

Guide to Woodside

Fritzie's Bake Shop is a worthy Filipino addition on 69 St/Roosevelt Ave. The turo turo price is $7.60 for 3 dishes/rice/drink. Otherwise, there are pastries, pork buns, empanadas. A whole pig was sitting on the table behind the counter.

Has Totonno's in Coney Island reopened yet?

... or earlier. They will close when they are out of ingredients.

Anyone been to the new Montreal Smoked Meat deli in Brooklyn, called "MILE END" ????

Totonno's runs out of dough also. I ate a large once, because they ran out of small. It was a busy Saturday afternoon with approx. half hour wait outside.

Schwartz's in Montreal doesn't run out. They have meat hanging all over the place.

lechon to go

The ecuadorian carts on Warren St. (Junction Blvd station) are pretty good also. They will cut off large hunks of meat and skin. The pig's head is on display for atmosphere. They might even cut off an ear for you.

lechon to go

Cindee's in Jamaica does Filipino catering. El Bohio on 5 ave in Brooklyn is a specialist in lechon. There is Lechon Ecuatoriano on Roosevelt Ave. also.

Lesser-known delights of NY Noodletown?

Suckling pig on rice.

Feb 05, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan

Coal oven pizza near Penn Station

Arturo's on Houston St is traditional coal oven pizza. Expensive. I think that it would be closer to burned and sooty than John's. The tourist traps would get complaints if they burned. John's is good, but look how big it is. Lombardi's is too big also. Arturo's may still be small enough.

Feb 05, 2010
MahatmaKanejeeves in Manhattan