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Tao Truck

Today they are at 11239 Vent. Blvd. - between Vineland and Tujunga.

I just ordered 2 summer rolls and a shrimp roll and curry roll.

really fresh - the sauce was really balanced and nice. the curry roll was surprisingly mild and balanced. the folks that run it are really sweet and personable and while the lemonade wasn't great, the vietnamese coffee smelled amazing- as it should.
i turned them on to tasting - AND this is in front of JINYA Ramen- the shop Jonathan Gold just wrote as one of the best ramen shops in LA. double score!

Jul 22, 2010
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Pho in Studio City/ North Hollywood?

So...... I've had my first Pho experience and I'm addicted.

I can admit it. It was a great little place in Glendale.

Is there anyplace closer? is Pho 99 it?

thanks all! Miss Liisa

Aug 03, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Help! Disneyland For a Day ...

LOL!!!111one oneone....... :::geek out:::

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Help! Disneyland For a Day ...

I fourth Napa Rose!

You can also - if you like - grab a seat in the lounge by the fireplace and have the full menu.... it's very relaxed and yet elegant and any dress is acceptable.... if you ask and there is room... you can ALSO choose to eat at the garde manger....I loved it.. I got to chat with the chef and the sous as they worked...get a few tastes of things unique ....and watching that dance is always fun to me.

as far as INSIDE the park..... everyone's mentioned the corn dogs.....but man.... Bengal BBQ...... bacon wrapped asparagus..... is the yum.

don't bother with with gumbo (it tastes of powdered mix- gak) or Orleans Cafe'

Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is hit or miss but the bartenders ROCK and if you order right your meal will be great.....the jazz band is always good as well.

HOB makes a killer burger and has great music...what's to hate about that?

All the restaurants at DCA have gone far down hill.....I've heard the spot above the winery is still good.....the street level menu is very less than.

The "wine ride" on the pier is always nice to do.....sit on the pier at sunset with a nice tall glass of whet yer whistle and watch the rollercoaster launches......( I'm on vod-cation!")

I'll also give a nod to the smoked carpaccio at Catal if it's there....and to the garlic fries at UVA Bar for a happy hour nosh. (if you ask nicely they may even give you a bit o truffle oil to put on them..... it's been a while ... but I bet it can happen)

above all.... enjoy your trip!!!!! xoxoo

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Great dinner in San Clemente?

A friend is searching for a good dinner ( not Diner) in that area....

any one help out a very cool friend who lives out there?

thank you in advance CH's!


Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

St Patricks Day suggestions

I'd say Lucky Baldwin's....

or.... look around and check where The Poxy Boggards are playing..... they'll be up in Pasadena area somewhere... it will be a free show and they play some seriously rollicking old Irish/ English drinking songs...... they love food almost as much as they love I'm sure there will be eats at the pubs they'll play.....

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Late lunch/drinks near NBC in Burbank

til 7..... and they make one hell of a drink........ try the sidecar.....

no mix... just pure fresh fruit juice.... the way cocktails should be made.

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Late lunch/drinks near NBC in Burbank

please...please don't hurt yourself on Ribs USA......

be good to yourself.......

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Late lunch/drinks near NBC in Burbank

I second and third the recommend for M&S.... adn the happy hour went to 7 last time I was there..... and that was recently...... and a great bowl of steamers is only 10.95..... how good is that?

Mar 09, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Beginning a BBQ Journey

I used to LOVE Wood Ranch...such great tri -tip.

I tried it last month at the Grove and was really disappointed... the flavor was gone from teh meat (which was tender enough) and there was ALOT of corn syrup in the sauce... I don't think it used to be that way,.....

the peanut slaw with vinagrette is still killer though.

Mar 03, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Beginning a BBQ Journey

if you value your taste buds... please..... stay away from hoggly wogglys......

it's a travesty of a tragedy done to poor unsuspecting meat.........

Mar 03, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

a Great goodness in a Tavern.... Laurel Tavern

Great pub fare with a twist...... long list of great beers.... menu things written on a chalk board...... the scent of good beer and french fries......

These things make up a good tavern......when the food is killer....the feel is homey and inviting yet modern and hip......and they serve Woodchuck cider :::cue angelic choir::: ......this..... this makes it a Great Tavern.

I loved the look of this place before it even opened....... and it didn't disappoint.

Grilled artichoke. This should be enough to keep you coming back. oh wait..did I mention... it's a brined grilled artichoke,....... yes... you heard me.
This may be the single best grilled artichoke in creation. Sinking your teeth in you get the wash of lemon and vinegar this must have bathed in before it was grilled to perfection.

I've had the burger.... I have to say.... it LOOKS great and BITES great...but I lost the flavor of the arugula, grilled onion and cheese that were supposed to be on it...
still - don't pass it up.......

the fries...... KILLER...... I dare you to eat just one.... I double dog dare you.

Then there is my newest nirvana and food so good it made me order another plate:

the skewered pork belly. This is old school meets new school food at it's best.......

bite sized pillows of just enough fat....just enough meat (or lean if you will) dusted with a breathe of chiffonade basil and parsley ....and the lucky charm...the gris gris that brings this plate over the edge........... a plated smear of seriously old school pu pu platter sweet and sour sauce. This is a complex flavor from the hey day of Tiki/ Asian fine dining that has not a thing to do with corn syrup or food coloring.
This is a melange of flavors that as a whole brings me right back to my wide eyed days of Trader Vics and pu pu platters. No none....... they've brought back the real thing.
( simple syrup, honey? picka peppa? worstershire? tamarind? I can't catch each flavor fully... it's a beautiful mystery


Eric makes a very good side car and lemon drop... he takes them personally.

and dude..... where else in LA will you find East coast Woodchuck? Perfect cider.

and hooks under the bar for bags. They did it right.

Yes..... I'll be back to this place........

Mar 03, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

King Cake for Mardi Gras in LA (preferably Westside)?

Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is great!

Jorge at the bar makes killer drinks as do the rest of the bartenders.....the menu keeps changing..... but the beignets are yum! Go..... sip a French 75 and have fun!!
Lassez les bonne temps roulez!

Feb 24, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Review: hit Uncle Andre's tonight- good and okay.

the bones were good at boneyard.. but the collards were theee absolute worst collards I've ever put in my mouth........ I always will try something twice before I count it out to be fair...but.... I don't look forward to it.....

I'll have to go look up old fashion BBQ?

Feb 24, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Is there a good happy hour in the east valley? anywhere??

McCormick and Schmidt is wonderful...on riverside dr.

10 dollar steamers, a cool happy hour bar menu and the best side cars for miles.......

no actual happy hour prices but Laurel Tavern is a great new spot on Ventura just before Laurel Cnyn. It may have the best grilled artichoke I've ever had (they brined it) and the menu is mostly under 10$ - with a few items at 11$ the burgers look amazing...killer fries and the menu is smartly updated...but not cutified...just smart uptone pairings of flavors...... I have yet to try the pork belly skewers or the grilled cheese (with a few interesting flavors up it's sleeve)

Lucy's in Toluca Lake used to rock! but it's gone downhill with the recession and a snarky bartendress who seems to have picked up alot of shifts. If Mike or Moses are pouring - you're good to go. The burgers used to be great/ sliders not so much. and 51 kind of martinis...all grand...and a real New York joint vibe.

Next door to Lucy's is 818.... pretty decent wine bar ( I wish I could find a place with a Malbec by the glass) the tapas is hit or miss....some great! some a real miss. Gorgeous decor..the music just doesn't seem to fit... too NNnns NNnns sometimes. ( I don't want that with gorgeous photography on the walls and a serene glass of something lovely)

I hit Timmy Nolans ( on riverside)when I want cider and dublin chicken (and the fish specials are usually good!)..... and Fox and Hound for shepherds pie or pub grub (killer bangers with HP sauce and Coleman's- now THAT is a happy hour)

Feb 23, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area


Ahhhhh.... Rumplemeyers..... a magical place of stained glass, smart ass New York broad waitresses with hearts of gold and fantastic pastry and hot chocolate....

it's gone... but it was so good the images live in full blown color in my memory....

Serendipity was great a year ago when I was there..... the crowd was thin.... but the frozen hot chocolate was as perfect as I remembered....and so were the other desserts.

Feb 23, 2009
missliisa in Manhattan

Dark Dining - Anyone try it?

I believe ( and I am often wrong <<blonde) that this started in NYC (?) by a blind chef who wanted diners to experience what it's like to dine deprived of your sense of sight, as he is.

You order in the "lobby" and then are led single file to your table with your arm on the person's shoulder in front of you.

There was an article on this place in Gourmet a few years back. And the gist was - once you succumb to the situation it becomes a bit seductive and heightens senses.

My fear would be biting down onto that wilted piece of lettuce...that gristly bit of chicken....but then does sound like quite an experience..... I would definitely wear dark colored clothing that I didn't mind staining <G>.

Feb 23, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Review: hit Uncle Andre's tonight- good and okay.

exactly...not the tenderest...........and the steam seems to leach out flavor....

but I'll probably go back for the sides......

Feb 21, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Review: hit Uncle Andre's tonight- good and okay.

I'm a huge BBQ lover.... I'm very particular.....I'm a firm believer in the dry rub..... and I'm an east coast Southerner.

That being said... I've been searching for GREAT BBQ in town..... I haven't found THEEEE spot yet...... but this was my first trip to Uncle Andres.

1/2 rack of baby backs, beans and greens. ( I was raised right)<G>

I wish I had asked him to leave the sauce on the side. Then again..... their rub is a Texas/ California sort of affair....(why? because of the chili powder note in the rub... not my favorite thing at all.) The sauce wasn't great... kind of forgettable..but not a corn syrup travesty either.

The sides...... the sides!!! Down home styrofoam road side perfection... i say this in a good way. You don't want sophistication in a dish served with plastic.... it should have it's own situational etiquette of flavor and roots.

The collards were tender and loaded with white pepper and vinegar but not too tart and dotted with green peppers. Awesome.

I said "beans and greens" and he asked "baked or black eyed"- I said "surprise me."

He gave me baked....and they rocked.... sweet and perfect and pure...brown sugar sweet.... and a bit need for anything else in them... no bacon flecks or porkbits needed or wanted.

The rub and sauce were pretty salty and not a sweet note lingered in either..... so the pot liquor in the beans was the perfect sop to dip the meat in.

( I'm more a fan of purist rub and either sweet hickory or good ol vinegar sauce)

I'll have to go back and try the yams, the gumbo on fridays and the beef ribs.

Long lost friends I ran into as I waited for my dinner swooned talking me up on the beef ribs.

I wish they served green beans like they do at Mr. Cecils.....

my chocolate chip cookie was sad..... wrapped in saran wrap.....

very defunct looking sweet potato tartlets held hostage in saran wrap as well.....

I longed to see real southern i bake.....

I just gotta open my own danged place..... a girl can dream.....

Feb 21, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

ISO fantastic FALAFEL

peopel swear by Amir's like it's a cult thing.....

but this NYC girl thought it was very less than in all respects...... there HAS to be better out there........

( i used to crave the falafel from the street stand outside Hunter college in the day)

Feb 20, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Great real deli in LA?

yay!! field trip is in the works!

thank you for all the info!.it's a mitsvah.

Watching the reruns over and over of Bourdain gave me the itch.

and makes me remember Ronnie's in Orlando..... such a fabulous icon.... gone now.

Feb 20, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Great real deli in LA?

I miss my east coast NYC deli food......

where can I get killer pastrami, pickles, and matzo ball soup in LA?


Is Canter's the only place?

(have Carnegie and Katz's withdrawls)

xoxo, Liisa

Feb 20, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Gluttony or Chow?

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!

ohhhh gods...the krispy kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburgers.....and the bacon donuts....

it's so outrageous it's funny! either way... you have to respect it.. hee hee hee

Feb 19, 2009
missliisa in Food Media & News

Honeycrisp Apples?

Honeycrisps have a short season so they can be hard to track down...but so worth the hunt!

Empires are also incredible.... but they are an east coast variety and REALLY hard ti get ou there.

good luck on the hunt and enjoy them apples!! I loooove honeycrisps.

Feb 19, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

Mardi Gras in L.A.?

Cafe' n'awlins in Burbank used exactly what you said...canned corn. It hurt my lil heart.

And the shrimp for the cocktails was frozen... I hated biting into a shrimp and hitting frozen icy meat in the center every time.

That kind of thing would burn a place down in N.O. - fresh ingredients is what's it all about...... can you imagine the horror of pre packaged trinity?

Boogaloos in Hermosa IS very fun....LA twist on cajun.
And Stevies in Sherman Oaks is getting better..another LA twist on almost cajun/soul food. (the fried okra is great)

from everything I've read the place to have fun is the farmer's market Gumbo Spot.

I never got to try Memphis....::::le sigh:::

Feb 19, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area

BBQ - Where to find the best in LA?

I'm from the south and I'm a dry rub believer....that being said:

Boneyard is good ribs...the smoke really penetrates the meat...but the sides are not so great - the collards were bitter and awful.

Mr. Cecil's has gone a bit downhill but the sides are great and the ribs are still top notch for anything else around LA. ( the Santa Monica location still rocks, the Vent.blvd. location has a wierd crowd) Their char spec used to be too high , so I'd ask for it lower ( from50% to 30%) it's onthe lower end but the cooks at the Vent. blvd. location need to get back on thier game. meat still falls off the bone though!

DO NOT go to Dr.Hoggly Wogglys... it's red water soaked meat... just horrendous and the sides taste like they came out of a can.

ditto Ribs USA - they used to be okay... but now it's gristly and/ or dried out meat.. very sad.

My Brother's BBQ in Woodland hills is okay..... not as authentic as I'd like... but good.

Kansas City BBQ in North Hollywood is also a bit less than.. a dry rub...but LOADED with rub meaning coated with paprika... an unusual taste....a bit dry on the beef ribs.... but loaded with real smoke. Very low end spot.... I wouldn't even call it a joint.....

Feb 19, 2009
missliisa in Los Angeles Area