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Terroni - Yonge Street

anyone have any news on this? word is they are training staff. looking for info!

Authentic corn tortillas in toronto?

They are called "alba Lisa"

Terroni - Yonge Street

Yes I am referring to the second floor. They have been working on getting it ready for 6 months. Desperate to have it open but no one knows when

Terroni - Yonge Street

Does anyone know when this restaurant is opening? First I heard early 2011. Then Summer 2011. Then October 2011. Then November 2011. There is no information on their website. Ask the people that work at the other shops in Scrivener Square and you will get 5 different answers. Does anyone have credible information?

Authentic corn tortillas in toronto?

I cannot remember the brand but i think there was only one kind is sold at several high end shops but i got them at The Healthy Butcher at Avenue and Eglinton. The brand was suggested by the guy who used to make corn tortillas at St. Lawrence Farmer's Market. They are also available at Rowe Farms and possibly even places like Pusaterri's. Unfortunately i forget the brand. Fortunately, i know i got them at Healthy Butcher and there was only one brand. Basically, just go there.

Rowe Farms
912 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

Healthy Butcher
298 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M4R, CA

In search of cinnamon ice cream or gelato

Simply Italian on yonge st north of davisville has a flavour called "Maria". It is cinnamon mixed with some sort of nut. It is awesome. But they rotate flavours so you never know

Fresh figs in Toronto?

also great ones at Harvest Wagon in rosedale

2009 closings

Bad news - Peter's Chung King is done:

New location of Le Gourmand at Yonge & Eglinton

It is definitely open for business!

Caplansky's Amazing Smoked Meat Sandwich

I finally made it as well.
Borscht: good. 9/10
Coleslaw: egh. 6/10...seems the same as pickle barrel
Sandwich: pretty good, but not worth the trek. 7/10? It's probably better than anywhere in toronto, even centre street, but not nearly as good as schwartz's and far off the new york delis. I got the medium.
Mustard: egh.
People: sketchy customers and dive bar.

Yonge/Bloor Asian joints

Definitely ginger - the only good place in that stretch. There are ginger's all over the city now though. 4 of them i think.


No no no...the Astro brand tasted totally different than real Balkan Style. None of the major brands has been able to authenticate it.

Salad King and Linda Restaurant

What is their relation? Are they the same with the same menu?

Best bagels in Toronto?

There seems to be a Bagel House opening on Yonge South of St. Clair, but it has been under construction for months. Anyone have any word on this? That area certaintly needs a bagel shop.

Unique Toronto Breakfast Recs.

I know they have been mentioned, but I go with Bonjour Brioche, that Dim Sum place at harborfront (Pearl Restaurant), and Soba Sunday at Hero.

Buying local / humane meat?

I thought those are only in the Summer (except at SLM)

Best Vietnamese food in Toronto?

May be too basic for you, but I still like Pho Hung on Bloor across from Varsity Stadium. I don't get the Pho there though. There is better Pho on Spadina.

Ideas for a Monday night special occasion?

I had this same problem for my anniversary in May, and went to Via Allegro which would satisfy your requirements.

Buying local / humane meat?

I've read through these posts and related threads. I really can't drive to Owen Sound or Simcoe County to meet with a farmer. I know there are no farms in Toronto. I want to buy organic chicken directly from the farmer. Are there any farms, perhaps in Markham/Aurora-ish, or elsewhere within 30 minutes of the City that I can buy from a farmer?

Loaf Cakes - Toronto

Does anyone know a shop or website that specializes in loaf cakes? Someone told me of a or something like that, but it seems to have been taken offline. I can't find any other stores or online shops that specialize. I live in the GTA.