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The Moldy Pinto Bean Mystery! Can you help?

Thanks Bushwickgirl,
Yes, you are right that wasn't my chili recipe just what I do to cook my beans before hand.

I just bought the beans last month but I didn't check the best-by date. The pepper seemed fine but who knows.

And now I am thinking there is something wrong with me because I just ate a little halvah and it tastes like mold too. Maybe I am cursed. Having everything I eat taste like mold would be like hell on earth. I hope I am just hypersensitive to that flavor right now.

I really appreciate your thoughts and time. ALC

Jan 25, 2010
misscooley in Home Cooking

The Moldy Pinto Bean Mystery! Can you help?

Howdy Hounds,

I have a mystery that even Google couldn't help me solve.

Last night I cooked dried pinto beans in my 6 quart presto pressure cooker for 55 minutes. When I ate a test bowl about every 3 bites tasted moldy. UGGH!

I was so sad since I had a craving for chili and now I will have to start over. I was so curious as to why and how this could be and I tried to find out if this has happened to anyone else. My searches have turned up nothing. What do you think?

Here is the recipe I used:
2.5 C. Organic Dried Pinto Beans, 6 C. Water, 3 Tbl Canola Oil, 2 cloves organic garlic, and a quarter of a jalepano pepper from the freezer. Nothing looked or smelled moldy so I am at a loss.

Thanks for your help.

Gratefully, ALC

Jan 25, 2010
misscooley in Home Cooking

Pasta e Fagioli

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is an extraordinary dish. Many layers of flavor each with a distinct and delicious taste. Thank you. Please post more recipes!

(I made it with 2 cans of cannellini beans and used a some of the liquid from the cans and some of the cooked pasta water for the liquid)

Nov 07, 2009
misscooley in Recipes