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Where to find Full Cream Evaporated Milk in GTA?

I would like to find "Full Cream" Evaporated milk (not the regular evaporated milk). Does anyone know where I can find it?

Christmas Specials/Set Dinners at GTA Restaurants throughout the week (besides 24-25)?

I used to enjoy these special dinners at the Swiss Chalet when I was a kid. It was something I looked forward to every year. Now that I am grown up, I still long for this nostalgic feeling but at higher end non-chain restaurants (not Swiss Chalet).

Does any one know of any Christmas Specials/Set Dinners served at any restaurant in the GTA throughout the week (besides 24-25)?

We went to Kingyo last night and they had this Christmas special at $28 for 2 (yes, originally, I thought it was per person but it's the price for 2). The Christmas special/set dinner includes:
- Garlic Tuna Tataki & Ponzu Jelly
- A Big Kingyo Short Rib
- Stone bowl Pork Kakuni Don
- One dessert of your choice

You might want to add a couple of more dishes depending on your appetite but it's great!

Just wanted to know if there are any other Christmas Specials/Set Dinners in town.

Best cookies in Toronto

Elm Hill Cookies in Oakville.

ISO Matcha Green tea and Sencha Green tea

Ozawa in Richmond Hill has very good quality match and sencha. You pay for the quality though. They supply Japanese food to restaurants in the GTA, and are only open to the public M-F 1:30pm - 5:00pm.

Rude treatment at Le Petit Dejeuner

I recommend not having any expectations for service if you go to Le Petite Dejeuner and expect your whole meal to last about 2 hours (from wait to out) and you'll be ok. Or you can order takeout instead.

Been to Le Petite Dejeuner a couple of times and the service is VERY, VERY slow and inefficient (empty tables in the restaurant but a long lineup outside) although the waffles are in their world of their own (that's the only thing that keeps bringing us back). I think that they are seriously understaffed without proper wait training.

New Years Eve - Italian near the Intercontinental Toronto on Front?

Try calling Il Fornello in Queens Quay Terminal. It is a short walk from your hotel.


There is conveyor belt sushi at Mochizuki at Elm and Bay; walking distance north of Eaton Center. The food is good but a bit pricey.