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Tajikistan restaurant

There's a restaurant at Keele and Finch (1290 Finch) called Tajikistan. Has anyone tried it? Looks Uzbek/Russian to me, perhaps like Tashkent which is nearby.

Sweet & Spicy! New Chineese restaurant at St-Clair & Christie

They were selling lunch specials for $2 before Christmas, including a spring roll, soup and entree -- it's usually $6.88. I went in then and a few times since.

The spring rolls are pretty good, as others mentioned. I found the wonton soup kind of bland, but the hot and sour soup was better. Their 'Thai fried rice' has been pretty good, I thought the portion was large enough and there was a fair bit of meat in it.

I'll definitely go again, especially if they offer the $2 lunch special again...