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Deciding between 4 Phila Restaurants-help!

Thank you everyone! I'll let you know what happens!

Feb 20, 2009
artichokelover in Pennsylvania

Deciding between 4 Phila Restaurants-help!

I'm trying to decide between 4 restaurants for a party of 8 people. We love good food, good wine, and a nice atmosphere for catching up. If you have any thoughts on the following restaurants, please share :) I haven't been to any of them. Thank you!!
Bistro Romano (reservations are for the lounge/bar with live piano)
Twenty Manning
Pumpkin (BYO)
Ristorante Panorama (although I know the fleets are out of this world, I want to make sure it's great in the other categories above)

Feb 18, 2009
artichokelover in Pennsylvania