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Ace of Cakes & Hygiene

I agree. I don't care how good a cake tastes. You can make a good tasting cake at home. I would NEVER buy a cake from them after watching their show. The women lean over and their hair is all over the cakes, they don't wear aprons and one episode they bought their animals in! I don't want dog hair or human hair in a cake that I'm paying hundreds of dollars for. That's how people get sick and then get mad when the doctors can't figure out what's wrong with them.

Ace of Cakes & Hygiene

You say that until you end up in the hospital with food poisoning. They are gross at CCC. I've seen them put the cake decorations on their heads and ears, who knows where else. I'm sure they don't run over to the sink everytime to wash these items off. They need to be reported!