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Products you miss when you're abroad

I live in Tokyo now (originally from the U.S. -California) and I seriously miss In-n-Out Burgers!
thick cut applewood smoked bacon
dry Spanish chorizo
thick meat cuts - like someone else said, you can request it from the butcher, but I don't speak enough Japanese to have tried ordering it yet!
tomatillos (to make chile verde - also the pork butt, see above)
half & half
good cheese that doesn't cost an arm & a leg ;-)

Feb 05, 2013
curlscj in General Topics

Trader Joe's?!?

I grew up in Pasadena, CA (where Trader Joe's first opened) and it is one of the 2 stores I miss the most (the other is Cost Plus World Market). TJ's has really great prices (like $3.99 for 13oz of Joe's Dark Roast coffee - which is very tasty I might add) and a wonderful variety of foods. Like someone else posted - it's their specific brands that I miss - but then again, I've been eating Trader Joe's food for the better part of my life. Funny, I just came back from L.A. 3 days ago and my friends really tripped out when I told them there are any Trader Joe's in Miami - they couldn't imagine not having one nearby.

World Market and Cafe
1328 S Federal Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020

Brining my turkey..

I've been brining my turkey for many years (using a recipe from 1994 Food & Wine magazine) and it comes out great, not salty. So just go with the recipe as it's written - it will turn out great!!

Nov 24, 2010
curlscj in Home Cooking

Dry-Brining a turkey

jpie - could you post the original brine recipe? I've used it before (turkey comes out super moist), but I can't find the recipe anymore! Thanks!

Nov 24, 2010
curlscj in Home Cooking


Had the best wings last night at Keg South (off US 1 and 104, entrance through the alley) - seriously they were amazing!

Feb 10, 2010
curlscj in Florida

Yard House first impressions.

Not typically crazy about chains, but have ended up at the Yard House about 3x since it opened (I know, I should be embarrassed to admit that).

I have to say, the service was great each time (that's a first for Miami/Coral Gables) and everyone in our group(s) was very satisfied with their meals.

Peppercorn crusted gorgonzola burger was pretty damn good, as was the macadamia crusted snapper. And of course, the beer selection is pretty cool. Try the beer flights - I think the selection changes daily....

And to end this little story - I ended up actually purchasing something at the Village (Cole Haan had a great sale) - point being, that the restaurant is what got me there in the first place (something that Merrick Park desperately needs considering it just went bankrupt).

Best sushi in South Florida?

Although I have yet to find any restaurants in South Florida that offer the variety or freshness as my favorite sushi restaurants in Los Angeles - Su-Shin Izakaya in Coral Gables & Matsuri in South Miami are our favorite sushi restaurants here.

I've only been to Nobu on South Beach once, and we also had a wonderful meal there (chef's choice). Sorry, I have to disagree with eatnbmerry - I don't like Akashi at all.