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Cool or Unique Restaurants in Raleigh NC

I have to eat there next week for business - the menu doesn't look inspired - what would be a safe/best bet to order?

Nov 27, 2012
Timbles in Southeast

Wonderful Dining in Quebec City

thanks for the recommendation on L'Affaire est Ketchup - I ate there this summer and the meal was absolutely memorable, the service just right. I hope they fix their ventilation problem soon, I will be going back in a month and want to visit.

Ottawa - Byward market dinner

the charcuterie was mediocre - no better than what i can buy for myself at the market (and even the grocery stores honestly) the house smoked duck was interesting but that was it. The confit de canard was fine but the chard and spatzle it sat on were dry. Not terrible by any means but ho-hum.

Ottawa - Byward market dinner

so far have tried Murray St and frankly dissapointed that the reality was far from the reviews - is it the reviewers knowledge of real charcuterie or did we get the B-team in the kitchen.... looking for more interesting food in the Market - any other suggestions - other than "play"?

Mexican/Latin caterer in Montreal

Thanks, I will go have a look.

Mexican/Latin caterer in Montreal

I am trying to find a full service Mexican/Latin caterer for a small birthday party (20-30 guests). The party is too small for Grunman 78 to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Dinner at Le Comptoir Drinks?

Thank you for your suggestions Maximilien, We will head to Baldwin's Barmacy to start the evening off

Dinner at Le Comptoir Drinks?

We are having dinner at Le Comptoir tomorrow evening but we are not sure where to go for drinks within walking distance. Any thoughts?