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Where to Find Fresh Rice Noodles in the Peninsula

Marina Market in San Mateo / Foster City has semi-fresh rice noodles. What I mean by "semi-fresh" is that they are delivered daily and are in 1-pound packages on styrofoam trays and wrapped in plastic. They are made by a company with a Vietnamese name. They're not as good as totally fresh rice noodles, but I buy them when I have a craving and can't get to SF. They are kept on a rack next to one of the open freezers.

Ranch 99 in Foster City sells something similar. But the last couple of times I looked for them, they were stored in the refrigerated section, which causes them to get hard and brittle.

Where to buy a large cutting board/butcher block?

This is in SF, but have you tried Economy Restaurant Supply? And in SSF, there is Chef's Warehouse.

Endangered and Extinct: Taco Flavored Doritos

I saw the Taco flavored Doritos at Target a couple of weeks ago.

Jun 03, 2015
goodeatsgal in General Topics

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Tonight in Redwood City:

- Organic Valley Neufchatel Cheese for $1.49.
- The 3 Twins Madgascar Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches were $.79 each. These are delicious. I went back specifically to get more - bringing a small cooler with an ice pack this time since they started to melt rather quickly last time.

large shrimp and grilling

Would it depend on the marinade or rub you use? We often soak the peeled shrimp in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper before grilling, and they come out delicious. I wonder if the olive oil protects them from overcooking. Of course, we watch them closely to pull them when they're just done.

May 17, 2015
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

High temperature oven gloves

I have these Calphalon oven mitts which work pretty well for temps in the 400s.

If the oven is even hotter, I wear the mitts and also grab a pair of these potholders so that I have a double layer of protection. Actually, I use these potholders on their own more than anything else, again doubling up when needed. These seem to work better than other potholders I've used, which are usually cotton. http://www.restaurantequipmentsolutio...

May 17, 2015
goodeatsgal in Cookware

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Palo Alto today:

Bon Mondo pasta (see SFRunner's and hhc's posts)
Aidell's Uncured Salame - Spicy Jalapeno, 5 oz., $1.99
Columbus Italian Dry Salame "football" chub - 8 oz. - $2.99
Izze Sparkling Pomegranate, 8.4 oz. can - 50 cents

There was another flavor of the Aidell's but I didn't take much note of it because it had fruit in it.

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Palo Alto had the Bon Pasta today, too. The only flavor I didn't see was the Spinach.

Howie's Artisan Pizza expands to Redwood City

I realized I didn't point out the good points about the restaurant. It is large and has a warm feeling, and even has a full bar where you can eat at the counter (the P.A. location doesn't. It also has an outside patio, which will be really nice when the weather warms up. All the servers and bus people were very nice and again, just needed some experience under their belt. It's now been 2 weeks since we ate there, and they had just opened a few days before, so they may already be up to speed. I'm trying to balance out my too-quick negativity. :-)

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Reporting back about the Finlandia Salted Butter. I spread it on toast and thought it was good - not too salty, the right amount of "buttery", and just creamy enough without leaving your mouth feeling that it had just taken in a mouthful of grease. I hope that helps. I've never described butter before! :-)

On a side note, I happened to read somewhere that this butter was very recently released in the U.S. I wonder why it's already at Grocery Outlet. Also, I like the fact that it doesn't use milk from cows fed with rBST hormones.

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Ruth, I probably won't try it for a few days, but will report back when I do.

Howie's Artisan Pizza expands to Redwood City

I agree the service needs work. The server was very eager to please, but the pacing was too quick. Also, the food was so-so, including the fact that the pizza was under seasoned. I will go back, though. I love the Howie's in Palo Alto. Hopefully, it's just growing pains.

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Redwood City this evening:

- Columbus Farm to Fork Naturals Uncured sopressata, sliced, 4 oz. $1.99. Piccante was also available.
- Finlandia Salted Butter, 7 oz. $1.99

I looked for the Sriraja Panich that Melanie mentioned but could not find it. Perhaps it wasn't / isn't carried there.

Naks, Menlo Park

Do you know why they're closing?

Strong tongs with silicon grippy thingies

I love the Oxo locking tongs. I have both the regular and the nonstick models. We also have a extra long one we use for the grill. We've had these for probably 10 years and haven't had to replace them yet.

Storage Containers For Freezing Food That Are NOT Plastic

Hi Karen - why are round containers more airtight than square containers? I've actually been buying more square containers recently, because I've heard there is less wasted space between square containers than round. Thanks!

Mar 01, 2015
goodeatsgal in Cookware

What do you put in your chicken stock to make the most flavorful soup?

Nycguy, what is the purpose of letting the bones absorb the vinegar? And do you add the vegetables afterwards?

Jan 03, 2015
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Megachef Fish Sauce (East or South Bay)

My memory may be faulty, but I think I've seen it at Marina Market in San Mateo. So you might try the Marina in Cupertino. (Or, darn it, it could have been the 99 Ranch in Foster City.)

Reheat with Oil After Cleaning Cast Iron?

We do the same, except we don't re-wipe after reheating on the burner, and we store our pan in a cabinet.

Dec 19, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

I echo Melanie's comment 100%. Reading speed is important to me, so I dislike having to click to get to the next page and wait for it to load. When there are too many pages, it makes me want to give up and not read them all.

7x7's List of private rooms/restaurants in SF

This is a great list. Thanks for sharing!

Where can I find great French Onion Soup?

I concur about the one at Cafe Jacqueline. It was so delicious, that it has stayed in my memory better than the souffles.

Variations on bacon jam?

How about making a Chorizo Jam? I've been wanting to try this one.

Dec 09, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Smoked Turkey in the Bay Area

About the same level of saltiness as a ham. For me, it's salty but not too salty.

Short ribs vs. oxtails?

Thanks for the advice on cooking the oxtails and making stock. With respect to the tip bones vs. the big ones, oftentimes the problem is that if you buy it pre-packaged (for instance at Costco), they always include a lot of the small bones. And I have never seen an oxtail the size of a large apple in my area. :-(

Dec 04, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Best New Thanksgiving Dish

I make an almost-identical recipe, except that it doesn't include an egg, and the can of corn is not drained. It's usually one of the most popular recipes.

Nov 30, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

How to clean the face of an oven thermometer?

Hi critter, I wanted to thank you for your suggestion. I let the baking soda / water paste sit on the face of the thermometer for about 15 minutes, and then scrubbed it off with a textured paper towel. I had to use a little bit of elbow grease, but it did all come off. Yay, I can see the temps on the dial again! Thank you!

Nov 30, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

Smoked Turkey in the Bay Area

Just wanted to report back. I did pre-order a smoked turkey and picked it up on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I also purchased extra smoked turkey drumsticks, and fresh necks and wings to make stock. All prices were very reasonable.

Because we had the non-smoked turkey in the oven, we decided to reheat the smoked turkey on the gas grill. It worked out great, and a lot of our guests loved the smoked turkey. It was definitely nice to have a second option, since we don't normally serve ham or any other meat.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

Food mill for mashed potatoes - what do you think?

It depends on how many potatoes you're processing. One year, I used the food mill for enough potatoes to serve 24 people. (I don't remember how many pounds of potatoes.) It took a really long time and lots of elbow grease to mill them, and eventually, we gave up and used an old-fashioned potato masher.

Nov 24, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

We saw the fresh cooked crab at Costco on Nov. 21. The fishmonger said these were fresh, not frozen, because they are in season. But at other times of the year, they are previously frozen. I don't recall the price, but they were cooked. Not cracked, however.