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New food mill vs. vintage

I don't have any experience with Foleys. I have a newish stainless steel food mill that sounds a lot like wekick's. It has 3 disks with holes of various sizes and legs to sit over a bowl, and it is dishwasher-safe. I bought it from a restaurant supply store about 5 years ago and am very happy with it.

Oct 09, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

Tomato sauce HELP!!

I also roast tomatoes when I have a large quantity of fresh from the garden tomatoes. After roasting (sometimes with some garlic), I puree them through a food mill. The resulting sauce is just like the sauce in ChicEats' photo - thick and vibrantly colored, and not separated. It's also very sweet. When I use this sauce - whether for pasta or something else - I rarely have to add more than salt and pepper. It's so good!

Sep 28, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

cafe jacqueline? [San Francisco]

We went a few months ago. While I enjoyed our savory and dessert souffles, my favorite thing was the French Onion soup. Sooo good. Thick and flavorful with a great cheese topping. And their French bread was very tasty, too.

rice bran oil in Berkeley area?

On one of the Trader Joe's posts in the Chains board, someone said the rice bran oil had been discontinued. I've looked for it for months and have not seen it, so it may in fact have been discontinued. I haven't asked anyone at the store, though.

Is there much commercial crawfish fishing around or near the Bay Area?

This is out of the Bay Area - Lake Tahoe - but I heard an interview with them on KCBS a few months ago. They said most of their product is exported out of the country, partly because there is not much demand for it in the U.S. You may want to contact them to see if they have any plans to sell in California. http://www.tahoelobstercompany.com/

Consumer Reports Investigates Exploding Pyrex

LOL. That was a very funny story. :-)

Sep 10, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

I purchased the IHA in Southern California earlier this year after reading about it on Andrea's blog. It's good, but is definitely thinner and less full-bodied than Red Boat. I haven't tried the MegaChef. (Someone told me they saw it at either Marina Market in San Mateo or 99 Ranch in Foster City - I don't remember which.) Red Boat is still my favorite. :-)

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

Darn, I'm bummed I missed this. I just saw Omnivore Book's newsletter about her. Thanks for the tip - I just signed up for the newsletter.

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

Good idea, soupcon! I'm a big fan of Andrea Nguyen and her Viet World Kitchen site, and had read her post about her new cookbook on the Home Cooking board. Unfortunately, I must have missed hearing about the signing of her book.

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

Yikes is right! That's why I wanted to find it locally. I don't know if the 50N is that much better, but I would love to do a comparison with the 40N.

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

Has anyone spotted the 50N Fish Sauce or the Salt by Red Boat anywhere in the Bay Area? So far, I've only found them on the Red Boat site. The 40N seems to be the more common sauce, and even that is not easy to find. Thanks!

Recipe for Oyster Sauce [Moved from Manhattan board]

Hi noguri. Have you tried the Panda brand of oyster sauce? It's from Lee Kum Kee, a major brand of Chinese condiments. But this one is supposed to be gluten free. http://www.amazon.com/Panda-Brand-Gre... . I've found this at my local 99 Ranch store in the SF bay area.

Aug 13, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

lupini beans???

I know this doesn't answer your question about cooking the dried lupini beans. But I wanted to share with others who might be interested. I've only had them from the jar, and they are not bitter. The ones I've tried are "Madama Oliva" brand. I've bought them at Sigona's in Redwood City, and my friend has bought them at a store in Glen Park, SF (I think). They have a great crunchy texture. I don't generally like beans, but these are not "bean-like". They look like a light gold version of edamames, are crunchier/chewier and hearty, and are a great addition to salads.

Aug 13, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Grocery Outlet August, 2014

I bought the 479 Degrees truffle popcorn at the Berkeley store last month and really liked it!

Transporting wine and spirits in car for 6 hours

Can you explain what you mean by an insulated box? So you mean a styrofoam cooler? Thanks!

Aug 10, 2014
goodeatsgal in Wine

Grocery Outlet August, 2014

They had this at the Redwood City store, too. On Thursday, 8/7.

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2014

Hi treb - in which location did you get these grapes? Thanks.

Jul 23, 2014
goodeatsgal in Chains

French Groceries/markets in Bay Area

I second Gourmet Corner. Great place for canned goods, French wines, French yogurts, and also French cheeses. They sometimes have wine tastings on the weekend.

Pacific Catch and Paul Martin- new in Mountain View- any feedback?

I haven't been to these places in Mountain View, but have been to both in San Mateo recently. Since they're both chains, I hope you don't mind if I make some correlations.

We liked Pacific Catch a lot. We had a group of 10 on a Saturday night (made the reservation the day before) and the service was very courteous and friendly. The food (especially the poke and the Korean bowl), as well as their special drinks, were very good. I would definitely go back.

Paul Martin's was a different story. We went on a Tuesday night because they have a fried chicken special. The service was slow, the drinks were so-so (the martini wasn't even good - watery and blah), and the food was "okay". To their credit, when I asked for all-dark meat for the chicken, they did accommodate me. I might go back for wine and appetizers, but not for a full meal with cocktails.

Perhaps these restaurants in Mountain View will be different. And honestly, it would be good to hear that a different location of a chain offers up a better experience.

richmond costco selling hawaii poke today

I've seen it several times at the Redwood City Costco. Unfortunately, the batch I bought was mushy. I hope others are having a better experience.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

Today they had the Tuscan olive oil (November/December 2013 harvest) at the Redwood City Costco.

Jun 28, 2014
goodeatsgal in Chains

Your favorite grilled chicken wing recipe!?!?

My favorite is this Buffalo Style Wing recipe from the Dad Cooks Dinner site. I've made them a half dozen times on our gas grill. I always use the marinade, but rarely the hot wing sauce (to save on calories), and I think the wings are delicious without the sauce. Also, if I don't have Frank's Red Hot Sauce in the pantry, I'll use Tapatio and that works great, too. This page also has a recipe for Teriyaki wings, but I haven't made them. http://www.dadcooksdinner.com/2008/09...

Jun 19, 2014
goodeatsgal in Home Cooking

Cleaning a gas stovetop. Any suggestions?

Hi Scubadoo - which of Greased Lightning's products do you use? On their site, they show the Multi-Purpose, Super Strength and Orange Blast.

It's so hard to remove the grease from the stove, so I will be so happy if this works! Thanks!

Jun 16, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

Grocery Outlet (June 2014)

The 4-pack of Pacific organic chicken broth was at the Redwood City store yesterday.

Also sighted was the salted Anchor butter from New Zealand. I think it was $1.49 or $1.99.

best ramen in the bay area

We tried Ramen Dojo recently and loved it. The noodles were springy and perfectly cooked, and the garlic pork broth - regular spicy - was very tasty.

We got there on Friday night around 7:00 and were surprised that the line wasn't that bad. We only waited 5 minutes (we went ahead of others, probably because we were a party of two). I doubt the others in line had to wait more than 20 minutes, though. The restaurant brings food out quickly and their service is quick, too.

Do you use a dishrack?

We have a dishwasher AND a dish rack. I would prefer not to have a dish rack since it takes up so much room, but it is always in use, especially because there are only 2 of us so we run the dishwasher only every 2-4 days.. We hand-wash our pots and pans and knives, so those go in the drying rack. In addition, our coffee thermal pot and dripper need washing/rinsing every day. Also, we no longer wash our wine glasses in the dishwasher after the stems kept breaking off, so we have to wash those by hand, too. Not to mention the occasional martini glass. And finally, my husband makes a blender smoothie every day, and we need a place to dry that as well as the smoothie glass out after he cleans them.

We got a Simple Human stainless steel rack about 10 years ago and it's still going strong. It looks like it's no longer being sold, but it looks similar to this. http://www.simplehuman.com/wire-frame...

Jun 01, 2014
goodeatsgal in Cookware

ZONGZI aka CHINESE TAMALES SFBA Dish of the Month May 2014

Hi NapaSpy,

I really enjoyed your description of the Daimo Monster - your imagining how your grandma would react make me laugh! Can you please explain the difference between HK, Taiwan, Shanghai and Cantonese styles?

Thank you!

Trader Joe's YAY/NAY - May 2014 [old]

Me, too. Love the savory mushroom taste.

May 13, 2014
goodeatsgal in Chains

Muffuletta Olive Salad.

The Boscoli is available at Cost Plus World Market, too. I don't recall the price, though.

Looking for authentic Cacio e pepe in Bay Area

I haven't tried it, but I've heard that Tosca Cafe in SF serves it and that it's good.