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OTTAWA ~ Byward Market questions?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! All of the reccs sound wonderful! Hopefully we'll be able to get into at least a couple of these places. :) Definitely have to grab some French Baker croissants & goodies. THANK YOU!!

OTTAWA ~ Byward Market questions?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Looking into them right now!

OTTAWA ~ Byward Market questions?

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the suggestion! I am DEFINITELY going to check that out right now.

Any other suggestions out there?

OTTAWA ~ Byward Market questions?

Thanks for looking. We are going to Ottawa for Winterlude this weekend (staying at Residence Inn). We'll have our three young children in tow. We appreciate fine food but understand that is difficult to come by with accompanying children.

1) Are there any kid-friendly restaurants in the Market that have GREAT food? We are not looking for "cuisine" ~ just hoping for great food in an unpretentious atmosphere. We love ANY type of food ~ French, Thai, Greek, Indian, German. We'd love to find a great unpretentious French restaurant, if that is even possible. :)

2) Any good patisseries or bread shoppes in the Market or near our hotel?

We would love other reccs that are outside the Market and might require a drive. The Market is just the easiest. :)